Where is my WRAITH VOODO?!


I just played about now and I was wondering when or what is happening as I played a public match and I didn’t get my wraith voodoo skin


There’s no weekend Challenge that I’m aware of. Did you already have the wraith voodoo skin?


No but they said this weekend there is a challenge for wraith vs Hyde I want wraith to win


your picture is…haunting


Where are you getting this information?
Last year, in April 2015 they had a Wraith vs Hyde challenge.


You’re a year late.


The last challenge we had was the one for the gold kala skin last weekend. Since then we haven’t heard of any other challenge.


On yt they released then the April stream then


Do you have a link to the Youtube video with the info about the challenge?


Says the person with a behemoth, wearing a top hat, and a monocle picture…lol


Bath salts are one hell of a drug.


WTF Dude. You’re a freaking YEAR to late xD. C’mon, take it easy bro. :unicorn:


I can’t say I saw this thread coming XD


Excuse me, that’s art my friend




Ah, they just went through and made a bunch of unlisted videos to be public on their YT.
That vid has been there for a while but only if you had a link.


This is quite funny


A simple case of misinformation. :slight_smile: