Where is my savage Goliath skin?


I pre-ordered it at walmart, I can’t find any codes on my receipt, the pre-order card or inside the game.
Did i just not get one?


When you pick Goliath got to customize at the skill select screen. Check there.


It won’t let me customize.
so I guess I just won’t get it.
and I guess I’ll have to cough up 15 dollars for behemoth even though I pre-ordered


That’s on wal-marts end. Those codes are sent by the individual retailers. Check your email and spam folder and if you still can’t find it, contact wal-mart directly via Email.


How will they have my email?


If you pre-ordered it through Wal-mart, then that’s on them. Get in contact with their customer support. I think it’s actually supposed to be rather helpful.


“helpful” they hung up. -.-
I am seriously getting aggravated.


Normally they’d have it after you sign in and do an order. I haven’t ordered anything from Walmart specifically but if you did it without a sign in, I’d still think you’d have to order with at least an email.


Did you get a physical copy? If so (if it’s operating there anything like it is here in Australia), then the code should be inside the case.

What I got as a standard preorder:
The game.
A slipcase that went around the game’s case (on which it mentions that the game comes with the Monster Expansion Pack).
A small manual.
A slip of paper with the Savage Goliath code on it.

This was for the Xbox One version, but it looked from what I saw like that was the standard way of packaging stuff.

If your Wal-Mart pre-order specified that you should get the Monster Expansion Pack (and I’m pretty sure that all the pre-orders had it), and you don’t have your code in the box, then you should absolutely take it up with the store.


I’m not sure about walmart, but usually customer service is not allowed to hang up. If you still know who answered your call, call back and say you want to file a complaint about the service he/she gave you.

Then request proper help with your problem (using the word unacceptable usually comes a long way)



I ordered a physical copy for my brother and he got the expansion pack code in the box. He’s on PC.


I meant in person, sorry. Phone support tends to be awful everywhere.


Same for PC version…I guess it’s Walmart’s fault then.


Sounds like it. you can try asking @MacMan and @SlabOMeat, but I’m almost certain this is on Walmart.


I had the same problem. Scratched thing off card it was a 16 digit number. …no code for savage goliath or bohemeth


For walmart the codes are almost always in the game case already. but mine wasn’t :frowning: When I go to work (walmart I’ll talk to customer service and electronics in person, if they can’t help management)


I pre-ordered this game sometime around September, picked my copy up today at Future shop and didn’t receive the pre-order bonus.

I guess unless you buy this game as a pre-ordered digital copy you don’t get anything. I don’t remember reading anything on the advertizements that said, “Buy this any way but digitally and you have to pay another $15!” It didn’t specify at all.

Serves me right for thinking something could work out all right. (Sigh)


So basically walmart said they can’t do anything. so anyone have a spare code?
Before I be a dumb ass and buy one on amazon


It did the same stuff to me I’m so pissed that it did. I talked to them and they said they can’t do anything about it I told them bs it’s their fault they didn’t get any pre-order copies. Why have it where you can pre-order the game but not have pre-order versions.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?