Where is my pre-order expansion pack?!


Hello. I have been looking forward to this game since the first announcement, and, of course, I pre-ordered it when available because it came with Behemoth and Savage Goliath Skin (I ordered from amazon). I checked the package, email, box and more and it still didn’t come with the code. Amazon isn’t someone I can just “ask” whats going on. I didn’t get what I paid for and i’m getting f*cking pissed. Please tell me a solution not revolving around contacting them directly.


Are you purely talking about the expansion pack, or the entire game?


If you are missing your code, do three things:

  1. Check your confirmation email and be sure you didn’t get it
  2. Check the retailer’s customer support. You should get what you paid for.
  3. If all else fails, go to the link here for [ 2K support ] and submit a case.

That should get you all fixed up. Sorry for the troubles!


Also, real quick, don’t know if you were aware, but Behemoth does not come with the preorder. Atleast, not right away. He will be released at a tba date. No one knows when, but it’s assumed at least a month after release.