Where is my Pre-Order Content?


I got the XBone Deluxe Digital yesterday and pre-loaded it. Start it up last night. I had to download the skins from the season pass and the pre-order. The problem is my tier three characters and the wraith are still locked. How the hell do I fix this?


you have to unlock them with the deluxe digital edition…
Here is a link that might help you: Preorders, Special Editions, and DLC Buyer's Guide
Have fun grinding to be able to have fun…


Isn’t it just T2 unlocked? Could be mistaken.


I got the deluxe digital edition and I can get the skins those show up. I can’t get access to the wraith or the tier 3 that come with the Xbone pre-order.


I believe this is a known issue. It is supposed to be unlocked. I think there’s a thread around here with more details. In the mean time, they can still be unlocked the same way as tier 2. I unlocked all monsters yesterday in an hour and a half, so it shouldn’t take too long.


Thanks guys. I have to teach soon, but if someone finds the thread for that issue could you post it for me? I’m tied up with teaching till 8 pm tonight and want to play as soon as I get on. Also for those on XBone I can use some people to play with The Inkspt


They are, indeed, supposed to be unlocked for digital pre-purchases.

We’re looking into it!


Thank you for responding. You guys have your shit together already doing better than Bungie has with the disappointment that was Destiny.


Glad to hear it is being looked into.