Where is Goliath?


I have been playing all day yesterday and today l, and all Ive been fighting against are kraken and wraiths. And one behemoth. I feel like he’s not being played as much as he should.


But the frog skin? :sob:


Oh wow didn’t even think about that. Hopefully we get it, even though I haven’t seen a trace of goliath yet


On PS4, the majority of monsters are Goliath, with 2nd being Kraken, and rarely a Wraith or Gorgon. Bob is dead last, showing up only every other day.


I see more Wraith and Gorgon than Kraken on PS4 for me.

But yeah Goliath rules the PS4 for sure.


Well, you might actually be right… I think it might be an even split between Kraken and Gorgon/Wraith (from my experience). Especially if I look at individual players. I guess I just find Kraken players more often, even though there aren’t as many of them.

The majority of names I find go Goliath though (which I love because I’m very much in a Maggie mood lately). He seems to be the flavour of the month from the Monsters’ side. (Though there are a few Goliath exclusive players).


I play Goliath as my main and rarely play the others (been trying them out more recently though)

I’ve been a Goliath main since day one so I can’t really call him my flavor of the month. I just love his animalism and fighting tenacity.


I can understand that. After the first few months, I stopped playing Kraken because people complained about him and played only Goliath. I ended up loving him very much. Then Kraken changes came and I went back to him. I want to get back into Goliath now, but I suck so horribly bad now :frowning:

I always loved how he felt different from Kraken. He felt more brutal than Kraken because of the CQC.

The flavour of the month is because it seems like some people have shifted from Wraith to Goliath. Used to be that we couldn’t go a day without facing 10 Wraiths, and I’d be incredibly lucky to find any Goliaths.


seeing bob on ps4 is RARE

Goliath is quite popular…


I play BoB depending on the map though, but most frequently Goliath or Kraken (simply because I know how to play them the best for now).

Will learn how to play Gorgon and wraith in due time as well.


I’m playing as wraith because I can finally abduct


There’s practically no Goliaths on PC, higher ranks.

The occasional Silver Elite Goliath is a very pleasant surprise after the constant 99% guaranteed Krakens and Wraiths.
Fresh has been running Kraken a lot more as well as of late in ranked. @deanimate is pretty much the only Gold Goliath player I encounter nowadays.
Though I’m not sure if he intends to keep that up. I feel Goliath is very gimped after the “animation sync fix”, perhaps he feels the same way.


I shall play goliath until the day I die. He is the god of all monsters, the power that reigns upon the mountain. When he speaks he commands all with fire and destruction.



Saw nothing but Kraken tonight. They may have not said anything but something changed. Every single group (I been playing all day) that I have played with could not dodge the lightning strike. We all ate them over and over. People who were watching all said that we were out of range for most of them but we still took the hit.


He’s probably not being played as much due to the bug that cancels out charge after using a leap, all while the cooldown is still triggered. There’s also a bug with rock throw after leap. The rock goes out though, the animation is just nonexistent right until the rock goes flying.


What? I see Behe all the time in the gold rankings.


Please find me some footage of a gold Behemoth player for shits and giggles!

No offense but I’m 99% sure that if Behemoth is picked in a Gold vs Gold match on PC he’ll get utterly destroyed.


He would indeed.
Poor old bob


I always play as Behemoth on PS4. I’m probably just weird though :confused:

I definitely do see plenty of Goliaths though.


I’ve been on Goliath for a couple of days, but I have no chance with him against gold hunters.