Where/how can I get high quality perk images?



I was able to grab almost half the total perk images from the stage 2 info page, but most perks are missing from that page and I can’t find them anywhere else on the web.
I found 2 medium quality images that weren’t packaged in a .pak file in the game files, but all of the high quality images seem to be packaged and I can’t find a way to unpack these files.
Anybody know something that could help me?


You’re not meant to unpack the game files. They’re encrypted.


Well no shit sherlock. Got any better suggestions for obtaining high quality images of perks?

I’d love it if the devs just straight up added the pictures to the gamepedia or something.


Bit harsh no?




Haha, nah. But if you’re asking for help it doesn’t hurt to be friendly.


Oh, I’ll be plenty friendly to people that actually help me :stuck_out_tongue:
Stating the obvious doesn’t really help.


Hi did you try to type’evolve stage 2 hd perk png images’ in to google?


Just tried it. Nothing. The only images that popped up are the same ones shown on the stage two info page:


Well though luck buddy. Unless one of the devs is “kind” enough to provide you with the images, I’m afraid there isn’t anything else that can be done.


You asked for a way to unpack encrypted files on the developer forum. I am not really sure what you expected in terms of help.

What you could do is ask someone like @Shaners if there’s anyway she could help you. A please thrown into the request would not go amiss.


I did not. I asked for a way to get high quality perk images.
I stated that I had attempted to find them in the game files, with no luck. The goal was never to unpack encrypted files, but to find high quality images.


That’s how your original post comes off though. Regardless, I have tagged Shane. If she gets a minute and can bug the UI Team (assuming they have some free time) she might be able to help you with what you need.


Sorry if I was unclear. That was not my intention.
I PMed Shane after you brought her up. Thanks.


@LadieAuPair was pushing for a fankit that would have this stuff.

Do we have an ETA Tara?


@mizx and I are working on it! We’ve got a bunch of files to share, but we have to get them in the right format first. Hopefully I’ll have a date for you guys soon!


What format would “the right format” be?
Also, I’d love it if the images came with transparent backgrounds (like the ones already shown on the stage 2 page). You can just do a lot more with the images when they have transparent backgrounds.


We’re getting them with transparent backgrounds! That’s actually part of the reason it’s taking so long.


Sooo, anything happening on the fankit front? Can we expect it soon?


Oh! It got posted! Shane put a forums post somewhere