Where have the close games gone?


I feel evolve is starting to go the way of cod in terms of how matches play out. Now that it’s been out for 5 months there are some people who have played it a lot and would easily be over lv100 if such a thing was implemented.

These people absolutely flatten the lobbies they are in and it’s no fun for them or anyone else. I would count myself one of them and I’m sure most of the people reading this are the same.

I guess the point of what I’m tryin to say is that pubs are becoming less and less competitive as the game matures, and it’s becoming an issue for me. Not only am I sure of winning as the monster but it’s to the point of going through the motions.

Obviously I’m keen for a ranked mode as discussed many times else where, but do people agree that the issue is becoming more pressing rather than less?

Tl:dr skill differences are getting larger as the game matures. Pubs getting less and less competitive. Do people agree?

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Totally agree. I cant lose as a monster now. I almost exclusively play evacuation co op now as that generally is very close because the a.i. Is a tough challenge when you have two rookie hunters in the team. I’d rather play skirmish but I’m constantly with average players which = defeat.


What system you on? The trouble with skirmish with a team is that it’s almost as easy as playing monster yourself. Monsters just get flattened and leave. Better than skirmish without a team tho!

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Yeah ps4. I mostly am alone so no team. Last couple of days I’ve been with a French chap who added me and just two of us together has resulted in 90% wins. Used to play as a team but everyone has moved on.


Good God, when just one member of my team is substituted with a Random we do terribly. You must tell me your secrets!


For PC australian players, most of them are level 40 stockholm syndrome players, there are lots of close games because many of us are close in skill level.

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We are generally support and medic. I’m hank or sunny, he is val or caira. So the two randoms of trapper and assault get a 400% survivability buff :slight_smile: . Monster spends the game raging that everything is getting healed/shielded/boost dodged.


Oh trust me, I’ve learned from experience that even a bad Assault can bring the entire team down, lol.

Had a game where one member of our team had to nip off for an hour or so, so the rest of us figured, ah, one random can’t hurt us too much. Random gets put on Assault and we collectively breathe a sigh of relief all thinking “okay, no-one can mess up that role.”

Turns out that a Hyde that fails to use his Toxic Grenades AND flamethrower, however, has a very negative impact on the team when the Support is Cabot.


Excuse me while I go flip a table. WTF?!


Yeah, I’ll be fair and say that the random WAS low levelled. But that’s about as much slack as I can give when the role of the Assault is made to be so obvious.


Grenades I can understand in a low level player, but… Avoiding flamethrower? Eugh…


Oh my god you just summed up all my feelings for Evolve in two words, Stockholm Syndrome. It scares me that this is accurate.


Did I invite you to the group?


Group? <bbbbbbbb


Sent you a steam group invite.

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Your problem was Cabot. With sunny and val a mini gun using Hyde would still eventually beaten the beast. :). I’m amazed at the amount of crap assaults. Aim gun shoot monster, stay close to monster, shoot some more, use all your abilities, shield when needed, keep shooting some more. I get ridiculous numbers as Hyde and Torvald.


“I’m doing my Minigun Mastery!”

Just for you, Toilet :smiley:

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I mean I don’t know about you but whenever I’m in a premade now, which I do daily because I can’t stand randoms anymore, we completely stomp over 90% of the monsters which to be honest is getting kinda boring. You’re probably just getting lucky with the teams you’re getting matched up against. I’m on pc btw.


I agree. The only real challenge I can get as a monster is when I face a pre-made now, and sometimes even those are one-sided. I took to playing monsters I’m weaker with, but ended up getting stronger in them. Now my best hope is to give them advantages with skins (I.E. golden Goli/Wraith, Cookie Monster Behe).


You can reach perfection with a monster, but you can’t reach perfection in a pug hunter group. By now many monsters have mastered their gameplay, while team coordination in random groups is mostly rudimentary. Even if you master a hunter class there is no way to win if the team gets lured to a bad spot to fight in or fails to do the hunting properly.