Where has motion blur gone?


I was looking forward to get all the nice motion blur that sort of makes a game more cinematic and is probably the most taxing effect on hardware we know to this day. I hoped that this would finally be feasible on a next gen only game. I know Evolve had full motion blur from a video where one of the devs was playing against some gamespot journalists.

Now the final version doesn’t seem to have it
Even though a lot of animations seem to have been designed with the thought in mind that motion blur would sort of “round them off”

For example the jerkiness of Maggie’s smg shooting animation or The hunters frantically waving their arms in front of the camera when you get beaten and fly through the air. And just a lot of the general movement and traversal animations of the characters.
Now honestly with motion blur removed some of the animations look goofy to me. And the only time I still see it is in Hyde firing his chaingun

Does anyone know why it was removed from Xone and whether on PC there is still an option to enable full motion blur for a beefy gaming rig?

By motion blur I mean the sort of effect that adaptively blurs quick motions you see in the main menu where your last played character is portrayed.


Huh. So that’s why in game everything is a little jerkier than the title screen animations.