Where elite skins?


I spent a lot of time to receive them, and now you have me, they just seized? Make import of skins from the old version to the new game.


You’ll get them when you hit level 20 with each character.


And the prime skins at level 40


35*, 20 was a mistake.


In the new build, you unlock elite skins for hunters at level 20 and level 35 for monsters. At level 40, you get a full body elite skin for hunters and the new prime skin for monsters.

Id imagine that porting over elite skins might be an issue since the old progression system no longer exists in game and since ownership of them is tied to the new progression system and not my2k or steam/playstation network/xbox live like challenge skins and dlc skins.


The whole progression system has been changed. We have new perks, badges, backgrounds, skins etc most of which are awarded with this new progression system. The old masteries have been removed so any skins or emblems you got from them have been added to the new progression system. Being so they are tied to the new system now, you will have to earn them again unfortunately.

You get them when you reach level 35 for a character and you get the prime skin when you reack 40.


Actually @Wednesday13 Showed me that you get them at level 35


Oh, well, thx for answer guys:)


Question answered!