Where Does Kraken Currently Stand?


So both based on opinion and facts where do you guys think Kraken stands?

I’m a Kraken main and even I know he needs a slight nerf. I think a radius nerf on Aftershock and fix the CC on him and then it’s fine. (Just don’t overdo the CC) I’m also pretty sure Kraken will always be the best competitively due to the ability to chain like no other Monster and fly around the battlefield and get a bird’s eye view.

Edit: In terms of fixes, LS needs to be more reliable, he needs to stop using two staminas in one, and he needs to stop launching across the map with traversals.


He’s usually standing on the ground… Although he can fly, so, it’s kinda hard to pin down where he stands.

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fix traversal into aftershock
fix ls dissapearing
fix krakapults

the end.


What about the movement speed it has in the air? Because I think we need to keep that.


what movement speed?




I’m 90% sure when AS is triggered in the air it moves faster than it does on the ground (which is supposed to be the actual movement speed I believe)


Lol just what I heard not a PC player :stuck_out_tongue:


yes of course that should still apply, but the speed burst of traversal should not apply. thats what needs to go, not the radius.


Maybe. I don’t even realize if I use a traversal into my AS. I’m pretty sure.


Thing is with Kraken, it needs fixing.

There are things making it OP and things that are ruining it.

Like AS is the right hands is undodgeable for 1 person.

The CC with tranqs and harpoons, i don’t see it working.

But it also since launch has the loss traversal bug.
The range cut on melee attacks is too big as i heard.
LS fizzle is annoying.

And many more things as well

Aftershock Is Still Too Strong

Most people don’t like Kraken because trappers are mostly weaker assaults unless they spam slows the whole dome and then they can ground it for a few seconds if they are stasis or maggie can maybe drag a kraken down if she lands a bunch of harpoons at once and the kraken doesn’t break them immediately like they normally do. Griffin is only useful to stop aftershock krakens or ones that will ignore a harpoon for a very long time in a fight.

Also unless the kraken messes up AS is undodgeable. The only ways to avoid it is Sunny jetpack boost or Griffin harpooning it.

It’d also be nice if Krakens didn’t lose traversals.


You what mate? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I’m going to edit that out now.

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Abe is really good at consistent slow and damage to a kraken. Crow is actually better than abe at consistent damage and slow… if you hit every shot… against a flying monster… that dashes every 4 sec. Maggie is next, probably just as good as a average crow. Griffin is just awful against kraken.


Krackens problem is it has way to much armor for way to much power with its speed being high enough it doesn’t make it horrible while he’s barely affected by cc sometimes
Edit: you wanna play and practice together more often I’m trying to practice denying food and starving monsters out I’ve almost got it completely figured out i think


Yeah griffin is pretty bad against kraken but he’s the only one who can guaranteed stop the kraken from landing AS. Provided he is paying attention.



Also have you seen that radius and have you seen Maggie


I’ve seen most maggies they just place them in front of walls so they kraken will have broken them all before they go for an aftershock.


Griffin isn’t good against kracken really everyone else except for behemoth he tears though