Where do you stand regarding knockback?

Well, where do you?

Knockback was changed a short while ago to remove the “juggling effect” inflicted by Monsters if I’m not mistaken but as of late it feels to me like the base knockback has gotten far worse.
It’s fairly easy to corner someone and from there on it’s GG.

For example, I know how strong / overpowered Slim can be, but it wasn’t a lot of fun for me in Arena mode once where at the start of the round the Monster somehow managed to leap towards the Hunters before “READY” even disappeared from my screen resulting in me getting cornered and downed in the first 10 seconds without the slightest chance of preparation with a few Spore Clouds or for Markov to place some Arc Mines down.

Now I don’t intend for this thread to become a complaint vent, my mistake. Here’s what I wanted to show:

Almost 20 seconds downtime. I got hit by an unlucky melee swipe (and another mid-air hit that should’ve been out of reach) and it took me over 19 seconds to recover from it for various reasons (cough typical jetpack climbing issues cough.
That’s almost 20 seconds of free reign for the Monster!
What’s the weirdest is that I tried to counter my momentum with a forward thrust before I hit the water but nope - nothing happened. I was forced to sit back and enjoy the flight despite having enough fuel left.

So… without getting too biased myself; Is this a bug or intended? If it’s intended, god forbid I accidentally mention yet another indirect nerf towards Monster, but that feels a little unfair. Being locked out of control for that long?
Personally I think the knockback is fine as it is excluding the mentioned scenario above.

  • Knockback is fine as it is
  • Knockback could use some work
  • Knockback is fine, but there’s the occasional fishy stuff that needs looking into
  • Knockback is fine, it’s the jetpack mechanics that aren’t reliable enough to counter it
  • I couldn’t care less

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It’s different on console and PC so can’t really ask people for opinions and expect consistency.

Not to sound nitpicky but part of the issue was positioning. It sucks that you got knocked back that far, but that’s why especially on The Damn, I don’t stand very high.

Also at the 10 second mark you start jetpacking waaayyy to far out given how much fuel you had. You should have only been out of the action for about 10 seconds.


I’ve had myself be knocked back, hit the ground, and continue to infinity slide across the ground 'til I hit something… Not exactly enjoyable.


Now that is something that shouldn’t happen!

Can’t boost, move, etc while it’s happening either.

I have no issue with knockback, but rather tumble. The tumble effect can keep you perma stunned with zero counterplay if pulled off correctly. If also done correctly it can be used to cancel hunter jetpack as the tumble effect acts greater than the jetpack. Monsters like Wraith are able to exploit tumble to the point where they can perma CC a hunter.

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You’re having issues with tumble? You sound like a bad player :stuck_out_tongue:
See? Anyone can say it :slight_smile:

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I think knockback is fine, until you get the bugs from it. Then it’s frustrating.

I’ve faced some Monster players who know the knockback mechanics well enough to basically stunlock you for a good amount of time. You basically sit there spamming your jetpack hoping to get out of it.

So i was actually just playing as abe and a Stage 3 Goliat

Could use some jetpack tips from the looks of it, definitely shouldn’t have taken you that long to get back up there and when you did; also you guys were very clumped up

Basic Goliath counter play is to not stand near ledges whenever he is focusing you. Follow this rule and it will take you far.

Signed: A Goliath Player

No? Tell me how I would’ve gotten there faster.

Well when you hit the water and recovered, you burned away all your fuel…get closer to the fight by walking and allowing your JP to recharge; then you should’ve had enough fuel to boost up straight into the air and get back into the heat of the fight. Just my opinion on the matter.

And looking at it again, the attack where you said you were out of range looks like it was used to break the harpoon–which happened to hit Goliath while you were already falling towards the river

Didn’t see anything wrong there, you were in the air and got by a heavy and flew off the edge. The knock back changes were made to stop monsters from- perma stun locking hunters, it’s not supposed to stop them from being able to push a hunter off ledges and the like

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Uh… why did you try to go over that thing instead of around it? You could have been back in line of sight of the hunters in a much shorter time if you went right instead of trying to go over.

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its how it should be if ure getting hit midair by an fucking heavy attack ffs

I assume you mean right at the end with the metal piece? Because he was a Hank and wanted an elevated position to shield from. I think that was the right thing to do. I would have done the same too.