Where do YOU game?!


I always love threads like these that showcase other people’s gaming “Dens” if you will, so I thought we’d make one here to show off our battle stations!

Typically I have a bit more nerdy relics placed upon my desk, but my current one isn’t as large and the style I like so I kept it simple.

Please don’t mind the horrible picture quality from my amazing older cell phone…Rollin with 24’s, them xbox’s and an elgato.

Whats your Evolve rig? (PC)

Nope, not gonna post mine and you can’t make me. If you can even call it a “station” lol


lol! i use a laptop on a tv dinner stand yo. next level.


Hey now, even MacGuyver can make miracles happen from the simplest of things. Take a stick of bubble gum, some duct tape, and a tin can for example!


You planning on me making a bomb? No, let me just say I’m not very proud of my station. Just about anything would be better than what I have. Except maybe a tv dinner stand lol


Ya hear that @kyronr600 ? Siiiick burrrrnnn!


Well, I wouldn’t trust a tv dinner stand to hold a tv, a ps4, and a ps3 lol


already found my nearest trauma center XD

Oh thats just for my laptop lol. my ps4 is set up to the bigger tv and looks nice. maybe i should post that LOL.


Here’s mine simple but I like it got a 47 inch in my room with hd surrond sound soundbar and I’m sitting in a recliner



I’ll bite, here’s mine. Love my setup. Just need to work on a monitor stand. I don’t have an XBone yet but I’ll probably be getting one in the next month.


I would love to show you, but it’s disappointing. basically I’ve got my monster PC, with all of it’s amazing glory, sideways behind my TV in the center of an entertainment unit. literally the most un-glorified position for a PC that can run AC4 Black Flag on Ultra without even turning it’s fans on. :confused:


My setup is pretty simple. It’s basically a glass stand with three levels. On the top, I have my TV. On the middle I have my PS3 and on the bottom the Bluray player for my surround sound system. What’s cool is that you can connect the PS3 to the surround sound, so the subwoofer shakes my room if there’s ever a grenade going off, for example.

Still not entirely sure if I’m gonna bother getting a good gaming headset, since the sound I have now is good enough. I can imagine the rumble from Goliath’s leap smash will be pretty cool :slight_smile:




i would post a picture, but i would need to clean first : /

So i’ll just describe it. I have 2 27" monitors, 1 144hz the other 60hz. the 144hz is in front of where i sit which is actually at the far left end of the desk. Then the 60hz is propped up on 4 thick books to the right. My keyboard is on the left edge of my desk, it is a cm storm quickfire tk with red cherry switches. I have a blue ice microphone with a mic stand on a cabinet next to me desk, hanging down basically above my keyboard. There is a bottle opener to the left of the mic on the stand. Next to my keyboard to the right is a Puretrak Talent mouspad and ontop of that mouspad right now is a half empty glass of beer, an empty bottle of beer, my mouse a roccate wired pyra, and my headphones the hifiman he400. Theres a couple extra empty bottles of beer and bills and papers lying around as well.


Is that RAGE?


Yes lol just trying to buy my time till evolve comes out so I’ve been playing that bullet storm body count and cod ghost every now and again


RAGE is so underrated


I bought it years ago and never played it in till now I like it but it’s not like wow this is amazing


Lucky for you Billy Mays is no longer with us im pretty sure he had marketing rights to speaking in caps 8)


Oh god I hate that key board lol. I can only use the small keyboards with the buttons really close together and flat because I don’t like to move my hands very much or something. I actually almost bought that exact keyboard you have, but found out I much prefer my 10 dollar one lol.