Where do they go?!?


So uh, Kala says do not struggle monster you will not die only return. Where the balls do they go!?!?


Haven’t heard that yet. Pretty interesting sounding though.



Sounds… interesting.


Hmmmm, maybe they return to their own world.


Well as I would assume but where!?! What!? How? These are cereal questions man! Supez Cereal like Frosted Flakes level cereal


Ever heard the one about… whispers (Stage 4?)


Clearly they “die” to some extent as Caira takes samples of dead tissue.


Reincarnation, perhaps?


All Monsters go to Heaven.


I’ve also heard her say “You’re mortal here, Wraith!”. Interesting stuff!


Interesting… Matthew really outdid himself this time.


This makes me think of Daemons from 40k.

Daemons come from another world called the Warp. Daemons from the warp can enter the real world, but if they are killed they return to the warp where they slowly manifest again, and then they eventually traverse to the real world again and hunt the person or thing that killed them. If I remember correctly, they can only be truly killed inside the warp.

Maybe it’s the same with the monsters from Evolve? To truly kill a monster you would have to kill it in its own world?


Their bodies definitely do die, so maybe their minds return to the hive mind?


Perhaps the monster player wait cues in hunt are cannon. A “monster player” dies to the hunters, and in another match, ends up being a differant individual monster.


There’s a similar thing in the magic the gathering storyline with intangible beings known as Eldrazi. They are the only known beings to be from whats called the blind eternities. The void between dimensions/worlds. This void is not like outer space. However, these beings eat entire dimensions/worlds and they do so by sending part of themselves into that area. When they do, that part physically manifests and when killed, simply returns to the void where the rest of it is.

Think about having a goldfish in a fish bowl. You are outside the fish’s world/dimensional grasp. You stick your finger in the water. The fish doesn’t know what’s happening and all it sees is a monster entering its world.

I believe it might follow a similar concept in evolve


the zerg have been confirmed!!!:scream: