Where do i report players for bad behavior?


Said mean stuff and i have the screenshots, where do i report these guys?


that would be great to know



You can mute every player you play with by by pressing “escape” - “Player Options” -the person’s badge - “Mute Player”.

If the person shows bad behaviour through chat, you can report them through Steam. For this, go to “Player Options” - click on the person’s badge - “View Steam Profile” which will open the person’s Steam profile from the Steam webbrowser. Then, click on “More” – “Report Violation” and select “Harassment” along with a description (or perhaps link to a screenshot of any offensive chat message).

Just like all other platforms (for example CoD on Xbox), reports of offensive behaviour is normally handled by the platform provider.


Why isn´t the Evolve Team involved in judging and punishing?


When a person shows unsportsmanship, is offensive or just general bad behaviour, this can go over multiple games.

You can report to developer/publisher, but they won’t be able to stop the behaviour from happening in other games they have no control off. This is why, in general, the platform provider takes care of these situations (hence the reason why you can report it through Steam in the first place).

If they receive enough reports, they might give him a (temporary) ban. Xbox for example has a reputation system in place where, the more reports they receive for a specific person (and are deemed valid), the lower his reputation gets up to the point where he will only get matched with people with a similar reputation (in other words, bad people with bad people).


thx for the answer


Did we play? I bet you chased a bob into a cave :slight_smile:


Why would you not chase gorgon,behemoth and kelder in cave? Preferably in acid cave too.
It is best place to get hit by all the attacks.Dodging/positioning is for noobs.


It’s ok Medic will save you, especially Lazarus who has the best healing. Just make sure if someone goes down you should revive them, Lazarus can’t.

But anyway @LOCKDOWN I don’t think there’s any real way to report assholes, nor will anyone care to be honest.


I m sure that dropship or maggie’s smart AI pet will remove any chances for lazarus to revive.
It is also reccomended to let monster body-camp and eat body with lazarus in team.


I find is amusing that in a game about killing with tons of cussing there is a thread about reporting a player for saying “mean stuff”?


Hi guys, this is an honest question that has been answered. If anything, it is definitely annoying and we have to understand that some might like to know if there was an option or not.

That being said, @Alucard_Shadow, @Ryaneko & @Mt_Everett I don’t see the point in giving them directions on what they shouldn’t do, especially since it isn’t relevant to the OP’s topic.

I believe you can be a bit more mature than that and keep such conversations elsewhere.


No i was serious. I flame people that don’t listen for the third time. Its a bad trait but on the other hand i think when i get ignored on tactical stuff anyway i can also write what the hell i want.


We give them directions what they should do to reduce mean players in theyr team.It is very related and more efficient that reporting them to steam support.
Like there was mentioned,being mean is kinda part of this game even without player input.

Take It as role-play :^)



Question answered. @GOOBII pm me or @DarKastlez if you need anything further.