Where do I enter Promo codes(XBone)?


I have a 12 character code for the monster pack thingy.

But the xbox ‘use a code’ feature does not support 12 character codes and the game doesn’t have a promo code option. Please help as the retailer I got it from is not on the faq.

This is unnecessarily tedious


Hey Eddie, where did you end up getting the bonus code from? As if you go to the games section on the Xbox One and select to use a code you should be able to input it just fine.


Thank mother but like I said, the Xbox’s use a code function doesnt take 12 character codes

I got it form a retailer called Microplay


If they gave you a 12 digit code then I suspect they gave you a PS4 code by mistake. I think Playstation codes are 12 digits.
Have you tried contacting them?


Well… If its a ps4 code, you lnow, you cpuld always give it to me…


You know what man you’re welcome for sure. I do know that Walmart was giving out codes to Voodoo as a pre-order bonus. So it may be something like that or as another poster stated a playstation 4 code.

Good luck friend.


Hey thanks everyone!


Did you get your code working?



Im gonna check some RL friends of mine and if noone claims it ill PM it to you. Apparently its worth $15.

Is 2k really selling ONE monster for $15? that mades COD DLC seem like an absolute steal


Lol, how much is COD DLC?


$15, but they give you 4 maps and a Gun nowadays. I used to make fun of it cuz comparitively its was such a rip off…


wow. That is cheap!