Where do Bobs rocks come from?


When Behemoth evolves, he gains more rocks on him, yet he goes into the same cocoon as everyone else.
Are the rocks organic?
Does he just suck 'em out of the ground?
How does he do the science?


That moment when you realize that his outer rocky shell is just hardened excrement from the creature inside.


What kind of rocks are you talking about?

Anyway, don’t the rocks themself start bleeding if the Behemoth take enough damage? Looks like proper flesh wounds to me.




Thanks for the mental image cow…uncomfortable shivering


Behemoth = Glaciopods nasty uncle twice removed :slight_smile:


He was always said to be a rock monster, but he always gains more “stuff” on him after evolving, so idk maybe its organic rock camo?


Glaciopod Stage 4


Maybe he … picks absorbs rocks while he’s evolving. I DONT KNOW, ITS THE FUTURE.


I’d say he’s a glaciopod crossed with a sloth and a bloody obsidian beetle (maybe cut out the obsidian beetle and sloth and insert a megamouth?). Makes me wonder what other combinations of Shear’s wildlife could be used to make other monsters. Goliath is a marsh strider, human, and something. Kraken is a mammoth bird a man and something, Wraith is… is… never mind; I’m wrong. Think …happy… thoughts… shudders


I refuse to eat that, because it brings in carrion birds. Never once made sense to me.


Glaciopods inside of a cave.
Food for days!


Yup, outside cave? Hell no, useless.


Oh, in that case I kill them.
They are no use to the almighty Goliath and/or Bob!


I would say behemoth uses an advanced version of a megamouths rocky skin


Maybe the rocks are chitan(i probably butcherd that) plates like dinosaurs and he can produce them from bonemarrow gained from eating meaning that its a hardend bone becuse of his insane body heat the bone would burn and harden to rock it could explain why it bleeds there are vains inside the plates to disperse body heat to keep him at a regular and insanly hot temperature but thats just a theory a xenobiology theory ive been warhound and thanks for reading


but is it


I dunno, Pokémon, something, done.


Behemoth can produce a wall made of rock, so i think he makes those rocks that appear on him after he evolves


Either that or he has serious hygene issues.