Where did the footprints go?

This is probably just me missing them or not knowing all the details on abilities / characters, but lately I’ve had trouble finding hunter footprints when support cloaks; specifically bucket. It’s happened a few times where I’ll go right where the player was and try to snag him but to no avail. I will then search all surrounding areas for footprints and find nothing. Last I checked you are still supposed to be able to see footprints when the players cloak (at least shortly after they leave them anyways). I know that jetpacking won’t leave any, but I was far too close for him to have used it and me not to have noticed. It’s happened multiple games where Bucket is the last one left, I’ll head to where he had to be, and then nothing. In the end it’s really not a big issue, just want to see if anyone else is having similar problems out there.

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I notice that they don’t seem to be left behind or they aren’t noticable if you can see the hunters dunno if thats intended or some sort of bug

Odds are he was standing still. I’ve seen them pull that trick a few times, cloak in the chaos of the fight and then just stand still. Leaves no footprints, and can utterly baffle the monster.

I’ve pulled the same thing many times, oddly mostly with Bucket(Maybe he’s just good at standing really still?). I’ve had Wraiths literally float all over me trying to find my footprints.

Strategies I use when I’m cloaking is:
1.Running around the monsters legs rigth after I cloak.
2.Run inside bushes to hide footprints.
3.Stand still.
4.Run to places I know there is alot of footprints.
5.And using the jetpack when there is no line-of.sight to the monster, so it can’t see my jetpack smoke and I leave no footprints.

I do all fo this as Lazarus, but a hunter using the cloak to escape whould probably use 2. and 5.

My only problem with the majority of all these theories is that in one fight it was a friend of mine (playing bucket) that said every time i diverted from the Generator to go get him he said I was right next to him and that he was running away. he kept going to the same place to shoot me off when i couldn’t find him and I never saw one track. Not to mention at one point he had made it back to the generator to deploy turrets and when i got back there were no footprints, just new turrets. I know the prints don’t last forever but it couldn’t have been more than a a minute since he had left them (and that’s being generous). Does he not leave prints on metal surfaces or something? That would at least explain part of it at least.

Did you remember to smell? They only show up for a brief period of time when you smell.

Lots of smelling