Where did all the Live Streamers go?

currnelty on twitch there are only 5 streams with a total of 17 viewers playing Evolve, before 2.0 this number was much higher, it seems like regular daily streamers who built up their skill and audience have simply dissapeared.

i know im gonna get shut down, called a ranter and probly have my thread moved to the bowels of hell where no one will ever see it…

but this is the problem, this is why the community is dying, the policy around here is just to shut people up if they have a problem.

now ur whole game has a big problem, everyone is waiting in queue so long that they have simply given up. if you cant fix this then hunt 2.0 needs to be removed, it is now only possible to play this game with enough consistency to stream it if you have a full team of 5 including monster… i know this wasnt intended, stop insulting people who point it out and fix it, or accept that you killed the game and are happy to watch it bleed out and do nothing

Edit: Around 6 months ago we were promised weekly micro-patches so things like this couldnt happen, and if they did happen they couldnt persist… why make this promise? coz now more than ever we NEED a micro patch and nothing at all is happening


I might take streaming on again. I just need a group and maintain a schedule.

I stream when I can be bothered! :slight_smile:

the problem is most streamers are pub players, particularly pub monsters… who can no longer stand the wait times :frowning:

Well they should suck it up :confused: they should know TRS is working on that

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to be clear, you think popular live streamers like wdyftw and Shaudi should stream the waiting screen?

Nooooope, but wait times aren’t constantly long, from what I’ve seen myself.

He doesn’t play Evolve anymore. He doesn’t like how competitive Evolve became as he enjoys playing for fun.


i wanted to learn monster after ranked was added, so i could work my way up from bronze… i have never had a single placement match despite waiting 40 mins twice, which feels like a lifetime, and was surely affecting views on live streams, hence everyone stopping streaming

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Alternatively, timezones. It’s very late over in the US, I know there are some evolve streamers who get about 100+ viewers when they’re streaming, Europe though, not so much

well yes i just montioned those names as an example and im sure at other times the streamer numbers are higher, but as a regular stream watcher theres a very noticeable trend towards less people playing, made more shocking by this morning only seeing 5 streams with virtually no viewers

yeah i can understand that, a simple fix to that problem, and all of these problems would be to make ranked OPTIONAL, allow hunt to be played as it formerly was

I stream everyday pretty much. I stream all types of things too. I do solo, co-op, and versus. It depends on what I’m trying accomplish while playing. I also stream tons of other games as well. Check me out on twitch : TheRubexCube

Likely regional. Americanos and sometimes Euros get far better loadtimes. Where are you located?

UK, never had problems with match making before 2.0

Here I am
As you might know, I have all those Device Hung Errors.
When hunt 2.0 came live, I had 10+ in one day. I continued streaming because I love the game.
I stopped playing and streaming because of waiting times.

I had waiting times over 2h. Yesterday, before I went to my mom, I started the game on my 2nd acc, started the queue and, 3h later, I was still searching. I don’t enjoy waiting and I don’t want our community to look at a loading screen. People might say “watch a video” or “play another game”.

I don’t want to play another game and if I watch a video, I just need one troll to hit the report button -> “non gaming, non music contend”. And I think, if I would start to watch a video, even tho I had many lurkers, I would disrespect you guys in chat. I don’t want to be forced to play with a premade group or customs because 90% of rnd Hunters just suck.
I want the old unranked stuff back. I rather have a 2nd monster in the lobby than waiting for hours to find a game.

For those who say “play arena” - Arena is bullshit. It is, for me, an advanced tutorial / evolving dome simulator.
I don’t enjoy fighting, I enjoy the hunt and no one is playing it public on PC.

I will stream tomorrow or on Wednesday when I get my hands on “Until Dawn” and “Metal Gear Solid V” next week.
I play Bloodborne in the meantime off stream. I miss the community, the trashtalk when I don’t pay attention to my HP or get a DHE during an intense game.



Couple days ago TRS made the region lock partially less restricted. Now EU can MM with people in USA East. This wasn’t announced and there’s no big post about it, but it was confirmed by @Ladie_Au_Pair during the Sunday cup twitch stream. They ARE working on it. It’s a work in progress. They have a few other angles they’re working on to try and fix the issues and improve it. (Such as changing the Rank bands upper and lower limits over time as you wait in MM)

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I was planning on starting to stream once 2.0 rolled out.

Then I found out my old Goliath skill build and playstyle is now utter trash, waiting times are atrocious to say the least and in the only rounds I could play, there was always a Sunny (my absolute nemesis) further rubbing insult to the nerfed Monster traversal recharge.

Maybe I’ll pick up streaming when I somehow manage to pick up the new Goliath (tbh though he’s clearly the weakest Monster atm) and loading times are a lot shorter.
For now, I’ll just play Hunter exclusively. I haven’t even finished my placement matches as Monster yet.

That sounds good, but imagine me. I played the game 1183h, everything on stream.
I feel bad because it’s my favorite multiplayer game so far.
I don’t enjoy it at this moment. Having the same issues for months and new problems with the new patch.
I’m just glad that I have 2 new games in the next weeks to get some space between Evolve and me, I would stop playing completely but those games should be enough time to fix some stuff in the MM.

i see no good reason for this… its nice to hear they are working on it but c’mon its over 6 months since release, these kind of game breaking bugs should be early-access only, especially since they promised us the weekly micro patches, that never surfaced desipte being desperately needed

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