Where did all the Krakens go?

To the underworld. :fire: <hell*

Wait is this maybe because the hot fix that the devs talked about on the stream is live? Kraken got merged and Val got 10percent healing rate etc.?

iam using mg now and iam doing very well with him last games with kraken i had bad time actuilly he is too slow if you think about it witch main vs good team its hard to feed up but thanks to golaith leap thats way i use him

I have pasted with those kinds of gold layers, mad respect for then going up like that. But Goliaths and wraiths are really far in between all the (few, I’ve only faced about 10 gold monsters and only two were goliaths, i think there may had been a wraith there as well) kraken’s I’ve seen.


iam using mg now and iam doing very well with him last games with kraken i had bad time actuilly he is too slow if you think about it witch main vs good team its hard to feed up

I’ve also been having trouble playing kraken since Hunt 2.0 came out, mg seems to work better for me if my ping allowed it.

holy shit I love that video
“Christopher kralken” Is a living god.

Though have left to become behemoths. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not picking on you here, but I see a lot of people who complain about AS say that the above is what its ‘proper’ use is, and therefore Krakens should have greatly reduced mobility while using it and/or it should have reduced radius. To which I would respond: what is the point then? Hunters have guns. Aside from Lennox, who is more efficient in melee range (though lets face it, the cannon does just fine), where are these hunters that are actively trying to get in your face, thus requiring you to need to blow an ability to motivate them to stay away?

In most instances the hunters are actively trying to stay away from the monster and it’s the monster that is trying to get in close to do damage. Kraken has ranged attacks which negate this need, but given LS is currently a joke, and the damage on Vortex has never been great, so even Krakens with AS are trying to get close to hunters while the hunters try to stay away. Making the Kraken less mobile (or removing the ability to dive bomb) just makes the hunters work less hard. They’re already trying to stay away for the most part.

/rant off

EDIT: I am aware that assaults all have primary damage-dealers that do damage at relatively short range. But the range on most of the primaries isn’t that bad, and they all have a back up ranged weapon that can be used if they need to stay away.

I play as kraken and i have elite skin. I’m bronze destroyer and i never use after shock i put 3 points in everything except after shock and i win most of the time. the reason i don’t use aftershock is because kraken is a long range expert and AS is so close range that it feels like i take the same amount of damage that I’m going out.

Personally, I was playing Kraken quite a bit since Hunt 2.0. I then found because Kraken was over played pre mades worked out good strats against him making him harder to play so that’s why I have cut down on playing him.

Number 12 PS4 Monster here, and a Goliath main. @B_Wood3235 and FormationHD are top 10 and also main Goliath. We have a couple Behemoths, couple Krakens. I think the only Wraith got demoted. So yeah, PS4 Gold is actually pretty varied.

BruisedPeach19 and @HLGKillThGovernment are both wraith mains who are gold. Knightmares also mains kraken and wraith but plays kraken more.

Gov plays Wraith now?!

Yup that’s his main.

You mean Kraken?
oooooooooo… I don’t like that nickname at all.

That’s just me though

George, Kris, Wendy, and Bob all went for a stroll through the woods together.

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what’s wrong with lightning strike? I haven’t seen any difference

I can think of a few reasons.

Some (like me) have returned to Wraith now that it’s transversal bug has been fixed. I also play Behemoth a lot more now. There’s also the stigma of being a Kraken player during a time when it’s unfashionable. It’s also boring. Karken was way more fun when we could steer the lightning. Now it’s aftershock all day which is less of a skillshot while being more effective.

The real answer is probably too much Q-Q. I get tired of hearing it after matches. You hunters whine and cry about every kraken win even if I don’t take AS. I have Kraken as my badge and that alone causes about 1/3 of the people who join to immediately drop out. Hunters want it easy, and the easy wins are against Goliath right now. Against Kraken you actually have to dodge and stuff.

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Whatever happen to this singer that somebody used to know?