Where did all the Krakens go?

For a few weeks now a lot of people whom I’ve talked to while playing randomly online have been asked

“Where did all the Krakens go?”, "Why aren’t people playing Kraken anymore?"or “Why don’t I see Kraken anymore?”

And my answer to them would always be I honestly don’t know, I think the majority of us agreed that Goliath who marginally considered the lowest of the monsters right now is still way more popularly used.

Sometimes I think its because the other monsters have finally became viable but still I never knew how things worked…
I’m sure monster re-balancing might have had a role in this, but the true answer perhaps may never be known…



They saw that kraken wasn’t winning them games easily anymore so they fled.


Actually, you are right Azmi. That is exactly what happened.
All the Kraken’s that remain is mostly those who just want to try him out. Everyone that play him serious have all boosted themselves up to silver destroyer and lower gold.

They all went to behemoth


I wouldn’t say boosted but you are correct with where they stand and it’s for a good reason too as Kraken is the best monster at consitently dealing with the balance of current game.

As long as I keep seeing Hank being picked I am one of them. It is a struggle to stay silver destroyer and even more so in gold as only 29 players on Xbox One are in gold and they only go as far as gold expert while 95 hunters populate all subdivisions of gold. Really hold a picture to you at the state of balance in higher level play.

I would say its because Kraken without stage 3 aftershock isnt great, but with it is obviously OP. A lot of people could just be nice and dont want to use aftershock until its fixed, which is fine by me.


I’m just tired of being raged at when I play Kraken and I rarely use aftershock. I always stay up in the air as long as possible and use aftershock mostly a defense to keep hunters away. Especially Lennox. So I go to Wraith mostly second by Behemoth

Behemoth has a 60% WLR

The try-hards are now hanging with Bob instead of Kristopher.

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It is fine right now… You go a game without AS and you’re likely a one-trick pony… Quite literally… Markov = no banshees, jetpack = no LS… All you have is vortex…

On the PS4 there are fewer Krakens. You see a variety of the other monsters, but mainly behemoth and wraith. It could be that the buffs to them have allowed those that love those monsters to finally play them.

I think it’s really weird that even since patch 5.1 my Kraken loses have incresed exponentially, I really don’t understand why I’m doing so bad with him. XD

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Without stage 3 aftershock Kraken is UP, with it hes OP. Btw, its not like everyone is always using markov.

In Hunt 2.0? Chances are high… At least on the PS4. Most premades I come across run a Markov, presumably because they expect a kraken.

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Thats why I play skirmish. In hunt 2.0 its always the same hunters with premades.

Ours runs with some good variety, but yeah. Usually there are some very common faces.

I think

  1. Its TOO EASY!!
  2. People dont want to get called a cheater. Happens all the time on ps4

Kraken isn’t obviously OP with AS. He just stands a chance with it. LS is laughable so why the hell would you cripple yourself? I guess if you can actually land LS 9 times out of 10 then you can not use AS all the time, but then again, jetpacks are a thing…

I feel like everyone might be picking up Behemoth below gold though. He does pretty well against pugs.

Answer: they are all dead. Finally. Thank god.

At gold you pick Kraken or Wraith or lose. The only way you win with Kraken is if you know how to tumble. You win with Wraith if you can land perfect combos, or separate hunters.

Then theres people like Sky and Deanimate who sit up in gold with goliath

Mad respect for people that can play goli at that level.