Where can I find recent video of gold players? πŸ†


Where can I find recent videos of high level players!? Like tournaments including gold skilled hunters and monsters? Should be fun to watch a few


Hey, just look here for PS4 players. This was the recently held Shear Violence tournament with the best that PS4 has to offer.


Haha I’d prefer to see a team of elite hunters- those hunters looked worse than my team! Although that was a good goliath.


You do know there’s 7 videos in there right? 7 whole matches to watch. I linked a playlist.


Didn’t notice! I opened it with my iPhone and it only showed one… thanks brah


What platform you’re interested in? And what class of hunters?


Here are my vods of QS

@SuperBadJuJu 's vods will be going up within the coming week.


Yep, working on uploading some from this past PC Quickshot tonight. One is uploaded so far, the rest will be added to this playlist:

There’s matches from the community Battlefy on my YouTube as well, but the skill level is all over the place for those.


What was the ranks of the Goliath in the 7th match does anyone have an idea? he was pretty rough around the edges,


You can also watch past live streams of @Torvald_Stavig for some decent gameplay.


I put up quite a few games here


I would also like to see gold players playing hunt. Bodies provided are just tournaments. Oh wait actually I can’t see golds playing since all golds are the victims of bugged scores… And if not, the community is so small that golds are not even getting matched during searching hunt game


Formation? Correct?


Tournament links were requested.

Lots of gold players stream there matches on Twitch.

There are a couple, but the mass majority are using it as an excuse to explain their inability to recieve gold. Gold is earned, not granted.

PC (which is the smallest), has no issue finding matches. You are probably playing off peak hours. In ANY game, when you play off peak, you have higher queues. just a fact of life.


Trying to say us silvers can’t compete with golds? PUFF SILVER SHINES BRIGHTER


Kingowl pls


pls dean ukno we silvers can perform u was one of us at one point ;[


Yes there are some damn solid silvers. I was merely being a bit cheeky suggesting you can’t compete vs me ; )

But then I do use the meow hack


against you huh? I recall I got 2 wins over you and 1 lose :wink: