Where can I find groups of people to play with on Xbox One?


Just got back into the game and it seems like I’m pretty terrible. I was hoping to find an easy way to set up parties that will allow for better coordination. And perhaps someone can let me know what I’m doing wrong. All help is appreciated.


You can try the looking for group category, aka where I moved this to so teams can find you ^.^


I’m not the greatest but feel free to add me! MountnThatRoars


Search for Evolve Xbox one community on Facebook. Join that group.



Add me mate, GamerTag: Videogamer954

At school rn.


I’m down to party up. Gamer tag is the same as my username.


Lord Satanos is my GT. Anytime I’m online feel free to hit me up to play. If you want suggestions I’d be more than happy to help. Great games and good times for all!


I’m always looking for people to play with and people to help me with some of the more difficult masteries on XB1. Anyone who wants to play add me, I’m mostly a medic/trapper player. GT: H41ku fk


My familiar will deal with this! Huzzah! @SQUARENecron


Recruiting MLG team here. Last Judgement. If you’re interested send SQUARE Necron a message on xbone. We frequently boost for progressions as well


You can add me also GT is same as username. Just send a message or request.


Just add me always down to play with new ppl. Gt- zoned out wb


Add me Fang18


Hey my xbox name is PanthersKYDen hit me up if any of you wana do a tournament