Where Can I Find Evolve Stats?


there is a site that explores the statistics of Evolve?
for example the damage of all Assault and ecc ecc…
Sorry for my bad english :frowning:


Someone is working on that actually!


Check out his threads

will link in a mo’



as my buddy @Trollogrefey mentioned, i have recently started creating in depth databases on the evolve characters. Hank should be up in the next day or two depending on my free time.

i am going in order by class/tier and do plan on doing monsters after the hunters. i would do monsters in between but monsters are much more difficult to get specific data for different circumstances. hence why i decided to do them last.


Thx for the answer: but where i can follow this stats?
There is a link where is updated?


I update them every time we get a patch. If you want, I cab write your username down so I can remember to tag you when I make new ones too


There isn’t a link unfortunately. Any new threads he makes will appear under the ‘new’ section on main forum page. You can click on his name and press ‘topics’ to look at all the topics he has made. Any new database topics he makes will appear at the top. :wink:

You could keep an eye on those two places.


You could make a topic that links all your database threads together. Like the canon hunter stories Matthew makes.


I could. If I put it in gemeplay, then it will be fine.

The databases are currently by class so all the assault databases are in the assault subcategory of the forums.

But I guess I could make a single table of contents and try and get that pinned on Gameplay. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow though.


You can also search (T-M)

I started marking my number based threads with that.


That’s a great idea. :smile:


very thanks, it is very helpful :wink:


There is an other topic, but it is not at the actual update: Evolve Number Statstics


where i can find something update about the damage stats?


whatcha looking for?