Where can I find current numbers on all characters?


I just wanted to know where I could find all the current numbers/statistics about how much damage the monsters can do per attack and how much the hunters can heal per second / heal burst and any other numbers/statistics that could help. Thank you


Not sure the exact thread but I know it’s around, did you try searching for it?



Check his profile :smile:

And this:


For hunters search for topics with the term (T-MM).

For monsters search the recent patch notes from 5.0 onwards.

Dang ninjas…


Under database you may find a whole bunch’a stats, too!


i’m in the process of updating all my databases as the holidays kept me busy. however, if there’s anything specific, feel free to ask me with a @The_Mastermind and i’ll answer you as soon as i can

and thanks everyone :3


Thanks everyone for the help I think that knowing how much damage a monster can do vs how much healing per second / shielding a hunter can do will make me a lot better at the game.


monsters can out damage a player being healed, however, the healing acts as a “damage buffer” in a way at that point.


I know but I’m wondering what attacks I need to dodge and what attacks I can tank and be out healed to conserve jet pack


Most of what you are looking for can be found here: