Where can i find competition gameplay videos?


Specifically, Goliath gameplay video. Although i wouldn’t mind watching hunter videos as well. I’m trying to improve my skills against premades and id like to learn from the pros.

@MaddCow, I think i read somewhere that you participate in a lot of competitions and play as a monster. Do you have goliath/hunter videos?


Check out his YouTube page! :smiley:


Just noticed that if you click his name you can see his youtube channel link and it says over 100 videos. That might be what im looking for :slight_smile: thanks

If you know anyone else who has videos let me know so i can see different play styles


Hey I looked at his channel and it seems like the majority of goliath videos are from alpha or beta. do you know anyone else who might have more recent stuff?

Edit: i just noticed that there are other videos with goliath but in spectator mode. id like a video of someone actually playing him.


Let’s ask @MaddCow!


Not too sure of specific Goliath Mains. On the plus side, it looks like I might be getting the raw access feed from Pax East. I believe that Team Venom Hound, who got second place) played Goliath. Not too sure on the ETA.


Please let me know cause i would be very interested! thanks!