Where are you?


So… I have a question, where are @MacMan and @SlabOMeat ?


I don’t know where macman is and I need a kelder turn around ;-;


maybe we can summon him like we did @LilTrashPanda on discord if we mention him enough times with our unimportant problems!


Busy working on the new IP is my guess.


Sad caus I miss him. I hope he hasn’t forgot about Evolve (I doubt that)


Yep, that’s my guess too, must be that :stuck_out_tongue:


They still lurk once in a while, I’m sure of it.
Now they’ve got Cory and Cody dropping the balance/telemetry stuff here instead :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been thinking the same thing, Macman is never this quiet. Something big is coming.


He did have a birthday last two weeks ago


https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/users/macman/activity MacMan was last active on Feb 23rd to be exact.
https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/users/slabomeat/activity SlaOMeat last time posted on 29th of March, but his activity on the forum was minimal.

@Bot I agree… I just wanted to pull either of them in here, to drop by and say hello. After all, Evolve is their baby…
@Deity_Pharaoh I really doubt that either of this two gentlemen is lurking in here anymore. Like Bot said, they have better things to do now and since Cory took over, no need for them to have a hands-on approach.


I miss @DamJess :frowning:


Me too. I hoped she would have stayed active on the forum after she left TRS. She may come back to the forum, who knows?


She’s traveling, not much time for foruming in the Outback.


True, I forgot she was still travelling. Still, I hope she returns some day. :slight_smile:


I was agreeing with him ^.-


You can say Hi on twitter, I do sometimes. She seems to be doing well.


Phil and Chris are busy working on the new IP, new IP’s take years to make tho.

They love Evolve and are confident in the way it is going. Everyone running Evolve has been handpicked by them and they check in on us to see how it’s going and how we’re feeling. Creating a new IP is tough and there is a lot required to get it off the ground. It is hard as an artist to be in two worlds at once I feel, and they would rather put 100% towards this new project in it’s beginning stages rather than be pulled in too many directions.

I talk with them often and they are excited for what’s to come to Evolve!



Jess is well. She moved to Australia and is working on graphics and websites these days!


Also good thing to keep in mind is that Chris does play whenever he can during the company play tests and Brandon, myself and the rest of the balance team talk with him often about what we’re all doing with Evolve. He’s very much on board with the current vision we have and even some of the features we implemented have come from all of us talking through designs as a group.


You guys sound like you have the coolest company workplace ever. I’m totally jealous.


Nah, I wonder where @TRS is at.