Where are you Oh Challenge of Weekend?

Any idea if we will have a special memorial day weekend challenge? When do those usually post?


Lol they usually post by now I’m still waiting for it.


I think it’s too late to announce a challenge this week.

Why do you think that? It wouldn’t start till tomorrow anyways.

Previous history. These are when threads were created on the forums (Rounded down) which means the announcement was most likely earlier.

Laz vs. Kraken - Thursday at 7:00 AM
Parnell Headshot - Thursday at 9:00 AM
Hyde vs. Wraith - Thursday at 7:00 AM
Val Challenge - Thursday at 7:00 AM
Bucket Challenge - Thursday at 10:00 AM
Goliath Challenge - Thursday at 7:00 AM

Note, that these are when the thread was created on the forums. My guess is that they all got announced around 7:00 AM, which is already passed. Even the latest one, Bucket, at 10:00 AM has already passed.

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I mean there’s no real time restriction on it though lol

True, but humans are habitual. It wouldn’t make sense to have a fairly set time to do things and then change it. Especially from a PR pov.

In before no challenge this week due to us reaching the stretch goal last week :stuck_out_tongue:

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Memorial day weekend.
People aren’t going to be playing as much Evolve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its not like it was official that we were having a challenge every weekend right?


They were bound to run out eventually. Using skins to artificially inflate the player base each weekend can only go on so long.

Perhaps not this weekend. Probably next weekend, maybe they need a break to decide or figure out a good challenge/reward for next challenge.

Perhaps they felt it would be disrespectful?


We’ve had Trapper(Griffin), Goliath, Support(Bucket), Wraith(vs Hyde), Wraith win = Assault(Parnell), Kraken(vs Laz), Kraken win = Medic(Val). The original idea behind the weekend’s (I think) was one for each class and for each non-dlc monster… not sure if they’ll do anouther for a while, as for the T4 skins we won I think thay were just bonus incentive for a compleat skin pack… we may get a second chance for the skins we didn’t win or a chance to get a Voodoo Behemoth but we may not… thats what I think at least.

I’m thinking its a holiday weekend so there will be no challenge. A lot of people are busy this weekend.

I was just thinking about this.

I think they were doing challenges to collect data for game balance. Maybe they have all the data they need?

Still would be pretty dope to get a screaming eagle 'merica fuck yeah skin for this weekend :wink:

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Hello all, there will be no challenge this weekend.


Thanks for the confirmation. :+1:


i can somewhat understand that but that also means less players on steam…

will see how that infects steamstats.