Where are you gaming from?


Hello everybody, just wanted to get an idea of where everyone on here is from. I live by Novi Michigan about an hour outside of Detroit in the US. Feel free to tell where you’re from but please don’t post any addresses for safety concerns of course


Sacramento, California. i wished i lived in la still i could have been a tester for evolve!


Herefordshire, England.

Quiet little place, anyone ever seen the movie “Hot Fuzz”? My town is almost EXACTLY like that, no joke!


North West, England!


Sunderland, England. Lived here all my life


Hamburg, Germany :slight_smile:


Lapeer mi, i know where novi is!!!


I think its pretty cool to see someone on here from the same area as myself


Yup, Aatavax lives in Royal Oak but he’s PC


Aw, that blows.


St. Catharines, Ontario


Ontario, Canada


Just north of San Diego in California. I live in between LA and SD beside a town called Oceanside. The weather here is pretty much amazing all year round, makes me want to go outside more than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Northern Cal, about 30 minutes North of San Francisco.


Hot Fuzz was funny, great movie!


Arlington, TX (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Grand Island, New York which is like 10 min away from Buffalo and Ontario




San Diego, California BABY!


Spokane, Washington.