Where are the REAL videogame fans?


I’m so sick of people taking time out of there holy days to make a TRS forum membership so they may grace our eyes with their whining about OP characters and “broken” matchmaking mechanics one week out of release… if you can’t understand the amazing innovation that went into this game then please return it to the closest retail provider… who cares is dlc cost money… this is the real world buddy EVERYTHING costs money, if you can’t deal with that you should have stayed at home with your parents and let them buy all your toys… in the mean time I’m an adult with a real job and I’m perfectly happy purchasing dlc for such a finely tuned product and happy to have such a strong community… screw the haterz


they hate us cuz they aint us!


Well I love this game, but I have no problem when people state things they don’t like. This forum is for all things positive and negative.


That’s true but there is a huge difference between constructive criticism and flat out hating… and a lot of the negative comments on here tend to land on the irrational second option


Yeah well you can never stop that stuff. No matter what you love when on the internet someone will say its stupid. As long as we the fans show are love, and post things to help the game haters won’t matter.


We are here, I am here. Hug me bro


It’ll be this way for another few weeks, then the trolls will find another bridge under which to eat their fish heads and whine with indignance about non-troversies.