Where are the new maps? (PS4)


I’m not sure if this is a bug, whether the problem is widespread or just localized to me but I haven’t encountered any of the new maps in matchmaking yet since they launched. I’ve been playing the most I’ve played since release and I’ve either just been incredibly unlucky or something’s up. Anyone else having this problem?

Also want to throw my hat into the ring regarding a few performance issues since the patch, namely game freezes and wildlife sinking into the map when trying to feed. Besides all that I’m loving the game!


The two new maps are exclusive to Xbox One for 30 days, in a few weeks you will have them.


Maps are timed exclusive for Xbox One. The maps will come to PS4 and PC April 30.


The new maps will be coming to the PS4 and PC on 30 April.

It seems I was too slow. :smile:


It’s been answered. Oh @MaddCow


Ah, that would explain it! Thanks for the swift reply guys


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