Where are the networking tools?

I should be able to click on player’s names at the bottom of my screen, in a game lobby, and add them to my friends list.

Evolve doesn’t even work with Steam’s list of players from previous games.

Please provide networking tools, so that we might see this game reach its true potential.


I agree actually it really angers me when I’ve played with some good random players I can’t add them straight away,on ps4 you have to wait ages for the “players met” section to update and it’s very slow like a day behind.

I mean I could type in their names and add them but if I’m in game I don’t want to be doing that for like 3 people!

This is only possible with games that use Steam’s servers. Evolve does not use Steams servers so Previous Players is unavailable to us. We are however adding in a View Steam Profile option to the Player Options in a future title update :smile:


Yeah, right now I just keep a post-it note and pen by me when I play on PC now.
If I find someone I liked, I’ll write down their name or take a screenshot to remember it.

Whaaaat! Nice!
I’m glad I stumbled across this. This thread would have been a great place to say that: “View Steam profile” buttons :slight_smile: