Where are the " deep tutorials " for Hunters/Monsters as was mentioned?


As far as I know, I think that @Insane_521 or @GentlemanSquirl have stated somewhere that in TU 9 there will be new good way of teaching players how to play their role properly.

So far I only seen old Goliath/Markov tutorial and thats it. Most of the streamers and new players have no idea what to do with their character.

Are the tutorials yet to come, or the basic Goliath/Markov’s tutorial is what you were talking about?



So I think next week, we’ll have additional polish on the base markov tutorial. A week after that, I think the Monster polish hits. Maybe a week or two after that the Advance tutorial should drop. Don’t have an exact date on it, but it’s going into QA pretty much now. Once they sign off on it, it’ll come out the following week.


Have you guys worked on a good jetpack tutorial? Such as how your jetpack works with terrain and how it works mid combat.


There is some of that in the advanced tutorial. It’s basically a hunt match, but with Abe or Caira narrating your experience to help guide you through. We also did new AI for it, which we will use as a base for new Hunt AI in the future.


Do you guys have anything planned to make sure players play it? Most players won’t go back and do a tutorial for free.


Playing the JP tutorial could unlock a jetpack recharge superior perk or sth.


Or even just flat amount of keys :slight_smile: Then they could put that towards anything. 1k keys is something most people would spend a few minutes doing.


Thinking about forcing them. We are talking about it.


I’d force them and then give compensation as well like 500-1k coins. Players might be a little sour if they just wanted to hop on and play, but some compensation should ease that.


We give Goliath and markov for completing the tutorials!


That’s for the basic tutorials. If you guys want to make the advanced tutorial mandatory I’d suggest giving them something after completing it. Otherwise they might exit a little pissed :stuck_out_tongue: especially those that might have wanted to hop on for a quick game with their friends. If it’s possible to do for the advanced tutorial I’d suggest doing it even if it’s only a few keys.