Where are skins?


Ok, I read the patchnotes yesterday and I was super happy because you guys promised to release new skins.

“New Store Content
Hunter Skins (Thursday)
Parnell Man Eater
Maggie Monarch”

But where are these skins? I can’t buy them. I can buy the victory skins and the Kraken Savage skin. So where are these two?


Jeez, it barely got updated yet. It’s almost 6:00 for TRS…they aren’t even at work or up right now…


They wanted to release them yesterday. And it’s 14:44 where I live.


The game doesn’t update relative to your time. It is updated according to the time at TRS (which is PST). Just be patient; the skins will be available soon enough.



Not very helpful. Just mysterious.



So, the Maggie Monarch skin was supposed to be one of the sign-in rewards, wasn’t she?

Although, you’re definitely right. It’s Friday the 26th now, where did the Parnell Man Eater skin go…

I do have the Maggie Monarch skin, btw.


I got the Hyde Blood Eagle skin :stuck_out_tongue:

(I want to see DLC character skins please?)


Same here :slight_smile:


Bumping this thread because I can’t find the Parnell Man Eater skin anywhere, and it’s well past Thursday.


Looking into this!


20hours since my last reddit post still no news? :sob:


Any news, miss?


I can update you - they’re in store now!


That’s wonderful news ^^


Happy day~



yay hello kitty hahaha

Pretty Princess Parnell is real