Where are my skin?


I buy storm skin for support and valkyrie for a friend and all my skin are gona since the patch , same thing for him

Thx in advance for an answer

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Hey there

Here are some steps to resolve this issue

  • Log out of the game
  • Go to your installation directory for Evolve
  • Delete the “cache.my2k” file
  • Restart the game

Everything should be back again.

  • Gertz

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Ok thx a lot mate


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Just to clarify. This should be a fix for the missing paid DLC and pre-order DLC skins for PC?


Correct, this will fix missing DLC for PC.


Thanks on my pc the file was called cache.m2k without the y


Hey well I don’t know what happened. I lost my gold skin its not a huge deal but it kinda sucks. I had it for like an hour the other day and its now gone. I was wondering what I could do to fix it if possible.


Anything I can do as an Xbone user?


This might help.


Thanks a bunch, I’ll try that.



All of my non Gold Skins have disappeared, tried deleting the file mentioned, still not there. And my game still crashes whenever I evolve with Wraith. Quickly starting to regret this purchase.


On Steam my PC Monster Race Edition Skin Pack won’t install even though the check mark is there.

Not sure how to fix this, as my friends have it lablelled as “installed”


I cant seem to find the installation directory on my computer. Little help?
edit: never mind got my skins back


I have the same issue with the PC Monster Race Edition Skin Pack. It shows as not installed within Steam. Tried verifying Game the Cache and restarting but that didn’t work. Can’t get it to install and its now starting to bug me. Does anyone know if this is a Game issue or Steam issue?


@Gertz Not working.