Where Are My Savage Skins?

I just paid for the savage skin pack i didn’t receive them yet… Like did i pay for nothing, I was really hoping to receive this skin more than any other just because of how good it looks. I check to see if it downloaded already like they do with the Artic skins and nope, nothing,nada it wasn’t there. I Now call in the powers of the developers and Important figures to help me figure this out.
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Are you connected to My2k? If not try restarting your system and if that does not change anything then I cant help you any further…

If you literally just bought them restarting the game and all of that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I Tried both of these ideas and its not working… Also it wont even let me download the three like my other purchase skins

Try unlinking and relinking your 2k account as well I guess.

Go to ‘my games and apps’ then press ‘menu’ on evolve. Then go to ‘manage game’ and you should be able to go all the way right and download the savage skins individually.

Let me know how you get on. :smile:


I tried that and when i go to the download it just said manage game and no download.

When you press ‘manage game’ there should be a section all the way to the right that says ‘ready to install’. This is where it would show up.
Is it not there?

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Try to differentiate between purchase and download

Go to in-game store

Purchase and equip

Pop on [ you already have purchased]

Then you can download them

If you select only purchase … It won’t be downloaded and therefor you can’t play them

I tried this and when i go to the in-game store it says do you want to install it now and i click yes and it takes me to a blank screen

This is the reason

go to my apps and games


in the right you will see add ons ready to install

wait 2 minutes until it shows that skins or dlc

or just go to xbox store

Look for evolve

go to add-ons … and download them

If you bought the Bundle >>> look for the bundle and download them

Don’t look for Savage skins separately

You are welcome :smiley:

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