Where are all the Torvald players?


I’ve been wondering this for quite a while, but there are very few consistent Torvald players.

What’s the deal’io?


You made them scared to be Torvald and if anyone take your place you will send them to their DOOOOOM


They felt terrible because of the high damage output and Great CC Torvalds has .


What is that suppose to mean?


They want to give monster a shot and play a fair game :grin:

Second reason : they don’t know how to land mortars against kraken (most played monster)


Heh. I pretty much only play Torvald when I play as assault. Admittedly I rarely play as assault.


You are joking, right?


We don’t need two discussion topics on Torvald balance, especially re: upcoming changes.

let’s keep this thread about why you may or may not be playing Torvald atm.


I’m Torvald player, but I’m slowly moving to Blitzkov cuz of the Kraken plague.


I would assume most people decide to pick the lower skill capped assaults such as Markov and Hyde because, well, yeah… Lower skill cap, less effort needed. Torvald I guess needs a bit more skill than those two.

…And no, I don’t main Hyde because he’s easy. Infact back when I was starting out I used to avoid playing him at all costs because I was scared of messing up with him, then again he was underwhelming back when I unlocked him… I play him because I love him ;_;


Oh, derp. And ofcourse, meta plays a factor.


That makes sense, I’ve become wayyyyyyy better at landing mortars on Krakens, perhaps you can get some more practice in :slight_smile:


I feel your pain girl.


I don’t usually play Assault when I play, if I do I just enjoy playing as Hyde more.

Markov is kind of fun but the lightning gun feels just a bit frustrating at times, same goes for Blitzkov but at least he has some mad damage potential to make it a bit more interesting.

Parnell becomes less fun when fighting against Kraken and Wraith, at least for someone that doesn’t take the time to get the muscle memory I believe he needs to work well

Lenny is great, love her, but again most people pick Wraith and Kraken and it just makes her a bit boring to play.

Torvald is somewhere between Lenny and Parnell in the reason I don’t pick him. He clearly needs practice so you get used to judging the distances you need to lead by, factoring in the right rotations, and I don’t play Assault enough to get that down naturally. Throw in the typical Kraken and Wraith situation and it means that he’s a bit boring to play against those monsters since you rely on dumb luck (at my skill and usage level) to do any real damage.

So Hyde gets picked, because he’s always game.


And high skill cap.



I am actually a Torvald player. Even though I’m a jack-of-all-trades player, I play Torvald the most. Hyde in second and Parnell in third.

Mark and Lenny aren’t all-around good against all the monsters. Marks mines are useless against a Behemoth and Lenny is horrible against Kraken.


I play monster and I know how stressful it can be to fight Torvald, so I’m nice and pick Lenny.


I play Torvald as my main especially since the Mortars are the most consistent high damage against the Kraken…

Plus Shrapnel grenades help the team.


I’m a torvald main on PC. The only monster I absolutely despise fighting against as him is kraken since landing mortars on him while at 8 fps is more luck than anything else :T

But the shorty works alright against him so eh.

Markov does too little damage to work properly in pubs (can’t kill the monster fast enough to stop him from wiping the team for lolz). I love him though. 2nd favorite.

Hyde is powerful and I like using him but I don’t use him much.

Parnell is fun but definitely my weakest assault. (Parnell is hard for me to work with low frames)

Lenny I like but again is hard to work at low frames.

Blitzkov I don’t like much oddly enough. Prefer Markov.


Your gonna hate me for this, but honestly I think Torvald is annoying. Same with Lennox, there’s personalities suck. Markov and Hyde have the best personalities and the easiest play styles, therefore they are the popular picks.