Where are all the FREE maps?

So it was said that the DLC would fund future FREE maps.
The whole sales model that 2K created for this game rode on FREE MAPS.
2 1/2 Maps have been released… 1/2 for an Arena map.
I would consider this getting shafted as we only got one map pack.
We are all aware that this game has been dying since release.
I guess we all got the content that was promised.

Made way for free character variations and modes.


Ok, first off a map is a map so you most certainly have no right to deem Broken hill Murder pits “half a map.”

Secondly, Broken hill features 5 unique areas that all have their own flavor which I thought is fantastic and if you didn’t like oh well.

Lastly, we have plenty of other free content we have been receiving and are going to receive in the near future. Other projects are taking their time and who are we to complain about not getting the specific free content we were ?promised? even though they never said how many but just that we were getting free maps. If anything you can expect future maps to be free but as of right now I suggest you be patient.


And we’re still not paying any money for Maps, if that’s the OP’s worry.


Yes. I’m really mad that we got ripped off. I paid a ridiculous ZERO DOLLARS and I’ve already gotten two maps, how unfair. Down with TRS.


You had murder pits last month. Sheesh, give 'em a break.


I really hope TRS goes back to their more traditional map designs with their vanilla map pool. Not really a fan of how they deviated with Foundry and Mines.

Not a worry more of a rant. I feel that content wise this game fell flat. I was the hype man for this game amongst all my friends. I was also the guy defending its original price tag. I just think this sales model is a complete sham. I get that TRS if focused on balance but if still can’t flesh out your core mechanics after close to a year… we got problems.

I just had higher expectations for a multi-million dollar AAA franchise.

If you guys are fine with 1 game mode and 3 maps… “FREE” is totally subjective as my 30+ dollars of DLC paid for most of it. I don’t think I got anything for FREE here.

It did?


Says who?

Are you really complaining that youre not getting enough free content, fast enough?

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I hope you do realize that this is one of the few AAA titles that was MP exclusively and fetched a fully 70$ price tag. The game was built from the ground up around DLC! Its a friggin DLC launch platform according to 2K.

“From the ground up… for DLC”

Where the hell is all the DLC after almost a year?

This game has had more DLC than Team Fortress 2 did in the same period of time from release, FYI as an example.

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Just over half a year*. 7 months. This games been out since February.

As for where the DLC is, since the launch in feb, weve seen

6 hunters.
1 monster.
3 maps
2 modes
1 monster variation

With 2 hunter variations, one more monster, and 2 more hunters just around the corner.

There has been no lack of content being released since this game was launched.

This doesnt touch the plethora of free skins theyve released to us either.

Woah, really? No, i totally didnt realize this :open_mouth:

No on ever said this was going to be a free dlc platform. They said the game was designed in a way that theyd be capable of continually supporting the game and its game play, within the context of the type of game it is- They also said that they would do everything they could to ensure that “content” released would NEVER divide the community, and that everyone, will always be able to play with everyone, no matter what content the other players youre playing with, do, or dont have. This means that any maps they do, would have to be free- because selling them would “divide the community”. This means that all modes the game will ever see, would always be free- as selling them would divide the communiy. This means that someone playing with a character you dont own, will not exclude you from the game.

There is a very stark difference between this, and saying something akin to promising theyd devote massive amounts of resources to pump out maps left and right.


Plus all the skins that have been given away for free, and regular balance updates including a major balance shift. Edit: I say this because people I think are taking the level of work TRS are putting in to try and make the game as fair as possible for granted. I don’t remember any other game that wasn’t an indie labour-of-love that has got this level of ongoing care and attention to adapt to the changes that an MP only playerbase brings.

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The maps you are playing now. its FREE.


In order to make it more successful, i suggest you buy more skins ( DLC ) or as a donation, whatever you call it.
It would help TRS/2k alot. Comon, just a few bucks only, less diet coke, more skins :sunglasses:


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TRS dedication is fantastic considering the state of Evolve at launch. No complaint there.
Im still talking about actual FREE content. 3 maps and a game mode. Rank mode and Hunt 2.0 should have been released at launch with how broken things where. Everything else minus free skins, you had to pay for.

Except you’re blaming TRS for 2k’s marketing tactics. In reality it’s not TRS choice of what is free and not. They just make the content.

But how dare they give is three new maps, a new Monster and two upcoming Hunters for free. They must be so selfish.

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Nope you got it all twisted. I’m angry at 2K in not giving TRS enough dough to give us more free maps. All this DLC to pay for content that will trickle down when the player base in the single digits. /end of rant. Done here boys thank you for the entertainment.

On second thought this wasn’t the place I wanted to vent… to the 2K forums!


Alright :smile: