Where all hunters and monsters stand at the moment

I’m making this thread to share my opinion and see what the communitys’ general opinion is, this is from my own gameplay, which I’ll admit hasn’t been a lot the past 2 weeks, and everything I’ve read on the forums and heard other players say in game.

Val needs a buff, maybe to her self heal?
Lazarus is in a good spot, but he is the hunter most affected by glitches, which I know trs are working day and night to fix.
Caira has suffered due to the capacity nerf and will suffer more when reload is nerfed, so maybe give her an extra grenade?
Slim needs a spore cloud nerf, maybe give it more time between uses, but I also feel that he would need a tiny buff, either in his self heal potential, or in the amount of heal ammo he gets from shooting wildlife. (his ability to sustain himself outside of combat is pretty bad)

Hank is in a pretty decent spot.
Bucket is perfect.
Cabot needs a railgun buff and a RD cooldown reduction.
Sunny has that annoying yellow screen glitch, but she is very viable.

Maggie is great.
Fix griffins reload speed, also, maybe add a range indicator, to know if it’ll actually hit the monster, it would make playing him a bit easier.
Abe, I love abe, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love abe.
Crow is nice, though I’d like to be able to call gobi back faster by presing again, and to be able to zoom after charging up a shot.
Jack… His pistols are amazing, I love the repulsor, but I’d be fine with the capacity nerf if it comes alongside a reload speed buff, and if people insist that his lazer damage be nerfed again, maybe make them spin faster.

Markov feels very UP to me, but I do understand that other people find him quite good, so me and him just dont get along.
Hyde is gooood.
Parnell also feels UP, maybe an increase in rocket speed would do him well.
Torvald (I don’t even want to say it, lest he get hit with the nerf mallet) might be slightly op, but please dont hurt him again trs. :cry: Id he gets nerfed, it should be a mortar reload speed nerf, but alongside some kind of buff to his frisbee
Lennox is pretty good, I dont feel she deserved the autocannon reload nerf though.

The monsters…
Goliath needs to be buffed 12 times and put on steroids and be given access to nuclear warheads.
Kraken needs an as nerf, but at the same time a buff to other abilities, lightning strike or banshee mines.
Wraith needs a decoy cooldown increase, alongside a speed buff (and maybe buff supernova, im not too certain where it stands at the moment.)
Behemoth needs a buff to Lava bombs initial damage while reducing its dot, he also needs the tongue grab jetpack thing to be fixed. Edit: If they do this to lava bomb shredder might murder me.

I have voted there, but if I’m not mistaken, weren’t those polls put in place before the micropatch that nerfed some abilities?

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Kraken is pretty fine, Wraith needs a major speed buff, and don’t even think about changing lavabomb. It’s finally how it should have been since launch.

Not sure, I’ll probably make another updated thread on it.

Fixed it… Do you agree with all of my other points?

Caira is pretty good IMO,
Slim’s spores are being looked at finally, thank god.
Jack really doesn’t need nerfs, people just refuse to adjust to new Hunters,

Yeah :slight_smile:
Also sorry for flooding the posts, can’t read while writing on my phone, I’ll clean up my posts later today.

Lava bomb is a nice area denial ability now, it’s no longer a giant flaming missile.

I wouldn’t mind them giving Caira an extra nade but I really don’t think she will need it. It might potentially make her too strong and I don’t want that. She needs to remain balanced.

Hank and Jack need a nerf and it is at least confirmed that Jack is recieving one but now it’s Hank’s turn.

Since you are quite obviously the expert on caira, how do you feel about the adrenaline fields’ duration and reload speed
Edit: I fear that my post mightve sounded sarcastic or snippy, but i literally meant you are the obvious expert, please give me your knowledge

Here’s my thoughts, which follow on a little from the discussion I started on how difficult hunters are to use. I know that incoming are a couple of likely changes in the form of longer dome cool downs, and removing class abilities from the reload speed perk. So my comments are with that in mind and nothing else (I’m aware devs have talked about some things they’re doing, I may repeat them here or not as things I feel that need to change).

Val: Needs very little changed, I can’t put my finger on what it would be but I’d err towards mobility buffs somehow. Maybe something passive like Jack has.

Lazarus: Oh boy… as ever, needs a rework, but for completely different reasons to before! Remove his healing potential, increase the duration on his cloak, remove his ability to remove strikes from properly dead people even when revived, remove the health penalty for reviving someone from incap, increase the range at which is revivifier works. I could talk about this for days with @MrTalha in tow… his removal of strikes has meant he is the go to medic for pretty much any mid to low level game and it sucks. It ruins the flow of the game for monster and consequently for the other hunters too. Help the monster do what it needs to do, let it get the reward for properly killing someone, and understand that Laz can still be a highly devestating medic if allowed more freedom to get revives off. Substitute lack of strikes with giving hunters more time to be involved in the fight. Bring back the tactical play to Laz games and make it less about trolling the monster.

Caira: I like where Caira is except I’d reverse the nerf to her grenade radius

Slim: I also actually like where Slim is right now with the monster changes. I’d appreciate some work done on the spore cloud for those with low resolutions and disabilities, but I understand that the changes to make the effect of removing HUD visuals more like with attacking a cloaked person are coming, and hope they’ll do the job there.

Hank: The shield needs a nerf, simple as that. Either significantly less capacity in return for better reload, or the current capacity with a longer reload. The moment you have a character like hank that says “Hey, you miss one of those abilities and you’re back to square one!” in a competent hunter team and you’ve created the knife edge moment that we’ve wanted to get away from for so long. I don’t care for any nerfs to his damage, I don’t think that’s the issue.

Bucket: In a good place, wouldn’t change anything

Cabot: I’d give Cabot a bit more damage back to his rail gun, at least if a direct shot. I’d also be interested in him having a lower cooldown on his cloak.

Sunny: She’s in a very comfortable place, but like Hank’s shield I wouldn’t mind seeing either a capacity or a reload speed nerf to her jetpack booster.

Maggie: All fine, if anything a slightly longer arm time on the harpoons would be welcome

Griffin: As discussed elsewhere… reduce the range of the harpoon to 40 or 50m and increase the reload speed again. Against monsters that have a clue the whole sunny/griffin tactic to keep you pinned down stops working the moment you turn back on Griffin anyway, and shorter range should make it a much tougher tactic. Let Griffin feel like the wildlife hunter that he claims to be!

Abe: Seems fine to me right now

Crow: I think there are some visual issues on the character that could do with being fixed? Did the scope getting blurred out by the charged shot get fixed? That’s all, visual bugs.

Jack: I am on board with a capacity nerf for Jack’s repulsor. I don’t think anything else needs to change though.

Markov: I’m interested to see what the mine changes will be for Markov, and I understand there are lightning gun changes to stop him being too simplistic against Kraken. I’m going to wait to see what TRS have done here and hope they make Markov feel that bit more rounded out that he needs.

Hyde: He’s fine where he is

Parnell: I think Parnell could just do with his personal shield being included in the SS recharge speed boost. It’d encourage more tactical play I feel. He’s a difficult character to get right, but I think his potential is too devestating to really give him a damage or accuracy buff

Torvald: I’m torn on Torvald… but I genuinely think that he needs a longer cooldown on his mortars if their damage is going to stay where they are. A damage reduction wouldn’t be amiss if they want the weapon to continue to be as available as it is now

Lennox: I think some finessing could be done on the thunderstrike, the angle at which you go from making a leap to jumping on the spot seems too small and causes frustration. Everything is good though otherwise.

Goliath(s): I know that bug fixes are being worked on so I feel that they’ll go a long way to sorting goliath out. Leap smashing in to walls should allow you to climb straight away, he gets caught on stuff too easily (oh hai sliding on some kind of prop and being unable to do anything until I hit the ground slowly), his charge is wasted too often by falling off of small ledges, small breakables do too much to block rockthrow.

I absolutely believe that if all of these bits got sorted that Goliath would feel pretty great to play, he doesn’t need buffs or nerfs as such, just better consistency that these kinds of fixes would bring.

Kraken: I really like the idea of nerfing aftershock’s damage while making LS a more controllable skill shot. I am interested to see what happens with banshee mines too. In general Kraken needs CC and slows to work on him slightly (very slightly) better than they do right now.

Wraith: I don’t want to get in to wraith here too much, I think she can be fun to play against, but also the least fun to play against. I still live in hope that something may happen with decoy to change this.

Behemoth: His range of damage in roll and coming out of roll really needs to be reduced, but also tongue grab needs to be fixed. Behemoth feels in as good a place as he’s ever been, but tongue grab is too unreliable and it lets good hunter teams run circles around him.

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Ally my replies are in the quote, BOLDED

Good reply, just know i said to buff banshee mines or lightning, not nerf

my bad on misreading that part. but the statement stands. :stuck_out_tongue: No problems with banshee mines, its a lack of hunters shooting them that causes the problem.


Btw, i read that post a little bit after you posted it, and it was very well done and short. GJ

ok for anyone who say jack dont need a nerf all iam asking is play golaith only 1 game against jack with capicity perk thin we can talk , also someone say thay should put a strik on the hunter whin laz rivive him but on this way you well kill laz and if iam the monstar and see laz on the ather team i consedr it whin and no one well use him again , just ignore my spilling lol

Thanks you so much… ;u;

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Sunny is much more than viable shes still way too strong. She makes it impossible to escape from a good griffin she makes it impossible to target anyone but her if the hunter has any idea how to dodge and her shield generator still recharges way to fast so as long as it is up and she is near it you can’t down her and any half decent hunter can dodge for the 8 seconds necessary to let it charge up

Hanks better in PUGs where you can’t trust your hunters to dodge but Sunny is still leagues better than him.

I’m almost positive its already shorter than 50m pretty sure it’s 40 and 44 with the mastery cause I’ll see monster tagged and its range be at say 50m or 60m I’ll fire a poon and it won’t activate.

change that and you’ll need to increase the CD cause it’ll just make her that much faster again and she can already keep up with move speed trappers with good use of thunder strike.

that would completely remove the point of him and he’d need a much better heal. You’d still have your hunter up but only having to kill someone to get a strike would make it way too easy since most monsters can down someone in all of 5 seconds and ignore that body camping penalty.

There is an important dynamic between monster and hunters that needs to be respected, and that is that while a medic is alive you are going to be in the fight longer than you want to be. But at the same time you break that medic play down without downing the medic and you should have a reward

Laz breaks this dynamic by overly extending the life of hunters in such a way that monsters have to either get a down on laz and run, or kill everyone the first time you fight. It is all or nothing, and it is stressful for monsters.

Laz is the most survivable medic imo, especially with good team work, he is no more dead than any other medic in any engagement. Hunters should die more than they do now with laz, but be easier to pick up. This would rebalanced things to say that laz will keep the fight going, but you as a monster aren’t just delaying the inevitable by fleeing after the dome goes down after taking health damage