Where all dem wraiths at?


Seriously! I’ve been spamming out Hyde today and I’ve encountered only Goliaths and Krakens! And the odd one Behemoth.
Y u do dis?!


I’ve been playin Wraith, bought that Savage Wraith skin, feel sexy af, but I haven’t been seeing Hyde ;w;


It was not our destiny to meet in battle…
Sigh :c


Don’t think a’lot of people will want to fight hyde as wraith, Health melts too fast :stuck_out_tongue:


I raise you skywraith
Old meta but I see it from time to time. It’s a pain in the butt, I’ll admit. xD


I just wanted to say her health melts too fast because of Hydes flamethrower xD i’m so lame haha


I agree. I wholeheartedly agree, but if she’s up in the air, all he can do is try and aim a 'nade straight up or take out his minigun. ;D


Don’t know who deleted my post without a word but screw you. ‘Where all dem Wraiths at?’ In the menu for over an hour trying to get in a lobby where I can choose my character instead of being thrown into midgames.


Skywraith is a troll haha i tried using it in solo and the bots were so confused xD I want to help for the Wraith Voodoo skin but my Playstation plus has stopped :confused:


I’m not sure either, I didn’t even realise it had been removed. Even so, I’m sorry you’re getting stuck with problems. I get them now and then, but it’s never really that bad.

Maybe it’s because I’m using a gamebooster, but who knows…

@Krakalaken That sucks :c That means you cant participate and get whichever skin wins? ><


Pretty much :frowning: Cause i heard solo doesn’t count, I want that Wraith skin it looks awesome.


I’m sure solo does count o.O…
Custom and solo counts, VERY sure.


I thought so but i went on Dev Tracker and a dev said that solo doesn’t count :frowning:


“Are we allowed to play solo or custom”
“Yes, it all counts as long as you’re online.”
Source: One of the comments on this picture


Ai Wraith sucks, it’s unfair if this counts.


Could say that in reverse, about the hunters :smiley:


Think i got confused haha i still can’t play with other players in custom though :confused:


That’s a bummer :frowning:


Oh yeah it’s started! Woot! Hey I’ll be on quite a bit as a Wraith this weekend (Though I think we may be in different regions if you play w/ Shin and Midnight.) so there’ll be plenty of Hyde wins off of me!

Not to say I plan to throw games, just that I haven’t done much Wraith lately since I usually get snatched into groups whenever I get on, so I usually play Hunter.

I’m more a Hunter than a Monster, but that Wraith Skin… I needs it! Looks so good :wink:


I have a tendency to play on EU servers, however if I queue with Shin and Midnight I go to US or AU servers, I think!