When you really think about it, Goliath is actually OP it's just that his bugs offset that


The comunity once Goliath gets fixed.

Stay Positive

Never say no to Panda


What Goliath Bugs?


moon launching everytime you try to jump
leaps smash not doing damage
charge not charging
rock getting stuck on your arm
melee overhead not connecting 8/10 times.

There are more I’m sure of it.


I haven’t played Goliath much recently, but a lot of that sounds like lag issues.



EDIT: @MidnightRoses might wanna come and put the boot down.


i one time was made stuck in mid air and started moonwalking XD he glitches alot but he still works well


Has anyone had the problem recently where you go to melee, and his hands stay above his head? He won’t melee anymore after that, just keeps his hands locked together like he is about to attack. Can’t climb, jumps are weak. Using the charge ability fixes it, but idk what would happen if someone wasn’t equipped with that ability.


Goliath is my main and I’ve never experienced any of those bugs, I must be lucky I guess.


That used to happen a lot to me, I think it’s a bug caused by a connection error or bad internet connection.



Nah. They aren’t doing anything wrong.

<3 Goliath.


They said Goliath is OP and buggy…

Gobi sees your anger over such statements.


Don’t forget that if so much as your pinky toe touches a twig, your traversal is immediately negated.


I honestly feel Goliath is the best monster. Everyone just plays him dangerously. He’s not a melee monster, which everyone assumes he is. I think he is the scariest monster because he can make mistakes due to his large healthpool. I feel the most comfortable with him but that’s just me.


Goliath deserves to be OP. ^.^

He’s the original beast. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got Goliath to Elite without experiencing these bugs any more or less than any other Monster. The Leap Smash for no damage maybe twice. Never any bugged Charge (might be canceling it accidentally). The physics bug that launches you across the map once, but it happens to all Monsters. He also has bugs related to Rock Throw that make him stronger - like the Slam Dunk (Leap Smash + Rock Throw at the same time) or the double damage Rock Throw, or the full damage Rock Throw miss. The line of thinking that Goliath is somehow nerfed by a couple rare bugs or contextual melee is kinda silly. I just watched him curbstomp in last weekend’s ESL tournament exactly as he is.


Actually Goliath is the Monster which has been focused mainly by the Development team. Considering that the game was advertised and built on that Monster, we should expect it being the perfect.


To be fair he went through a lot of different iterations. Goliath as we know him isn’t that old.


Nothing is perfect. He’s the most balanced of all the Monsters though. I expect there will be more bug fixing & balancing in the time between T4 release and T5 announce.


He is very powerful if you play him right. For me, that means burst damage and causing as much chaos as possible once at stage 2, preferably with me initiating the fight and then keeping the pressure on so the hunters have no time to set things up. Honestly, my goliath is overall stronger than my kraken I think.