When you play vs pubs as monster ( Things hunters say )


‘Win with Goliath’ - My mother can win with Goliath noob
’Win with Meaty’ - You are shit play a real monster and we’ll see
’Win with Kraken’ - Why you only play Op monster cunt
’Win with Kelder’ - I hate noobs like you only play broken shit
’Win with Gorgon’ - Stop run like a noob I can win like this too scrub
’Win with Wraith’ - Oh you won with Wraith GJ pro esl player please teach me
No bob :frowning:



You play Bob, they say “Bob is locked because he’s broken OP, noob”


You can’t please everyone.

Only thing left to do is slaughter them.


True about cheese flybuild kraken


Play gorgon and wraith


Win with Behemoth - "Win with a broke ass monster"
Win in general - Hunters turn on themselves over the mics… LOL


Can confirm all of these to be true.

“What’re you going to do when they nerf that monster and it requires a brain to use”

“Go kill yourself for using such an op monster”


Except for people yelling at each other over mics, I’ve never encountered that kind of toxicity in the Game lol
Except for the Game leavers everything is the opposite of Dota 2 haha


It fits.


Literally my last match for today xD

I was using Wraith against Blitz Markov, Sunny, Emet, Maggie. Good dmg, lockdown, chase. My computer decided to fck with me the first 30 seconds and have me a solid 5 fps. I got domed at stage 1 it was horrible.

I did the standard Wraith tactic (how she was meant to be played) kill one GTFO. I managed to wear the team earning strikes everytime. The sunny however…

“Noob monster! Come fight I wont help”
“Lol monster, you are bad”
“Noob monster”
“Quit evolve, noob”
“Hurry up ESL noob” (whatever that means)

Really didn’t know what happened that match, won, first time I actually bathed in the tears of my enemy, first time I made someone rage enough to not help during domes… I like it :smiling_imp:

Wouldn’t like to call names but iirc his name is Road to High Priority. Wouldn’t be surprised if he plays dota (I play in SEA and you know how SEA is)


I use hunter tears to season my fries


Monster dont reason with mortals, we kill them then eat them.


And people wonder why I avoid multiplayer in games anymore and prefer to play with bots lol.

I will refer them to this post next time they start harping on me why I should only play multiplayer because they only play multiplayer.

I let my kids play most of the games I play (not this one since the ai language is a little much), who would want to subject them to this kind of toxicity which seems to exist in almost every game nowadays. WTF happened to people and class in the last 5-10 years in the gaming community.