When you play the game again and find out the last remaining players abuse game mechanics

Well they should get to fixing that, thats a big problem

Refueling Tower and other maps like that, relay placement wise, I look at it like this. If I’m playing Behemoth and I get to stage 3 and I can see that they are going to try something like that. For starters I make sure to have at least 2 points into Rock Wall, 3 Lava Bomb, 3 fissure and 1 tongue. I then force them to fight me inside of the relay room, espically if Hank is in the line up. I will not fight hank outside if I can help it. So if a hank or any hunter wanted to do that all I would have to do is go back to the relay and start hitting it. Then when they come down I either wall off the approach and return to hitting the relay or I set up for a Lava bomb ambush, Or tongue grab the first Hunter and then wall off. The Point is to get them to fall back, because if they do something cheesy like that once then they will keep doing. And the best way I have found to deal with it I to ignore them, push the fight where I want, or if Domed…run around until it drops, go a little away from where they were trying to cheese and then ambush them.

You can hit a monster a extreme range with Torvalds shotgun if you need proof, wont do much damage due to the shot spread but the fact is you can hit them.

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The same with Abes’. I’ve done that before.

how is that a big problem? it’s rare to have extreme LOS anyway and it’s not like you’d be able to do serious damage. And if they can snipe me with a machine pistol to keep me from eating/destroying the relay, more power to them i’m not even mad

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Have you seen this post yet?

They are aware of a lot of the glitches/bugs you mentioned as a monster player, and most are either scheduled to be in the upcoming TU or are in-progress.

Since you just came back to the Evolve party, have you also watched last week’s Twitch stream about how TRS is planning to change the meta of Hunt mode?

Sidenote: What the hunters did in that game is not an “exploit.” There was no abusing the way the game is supposed to be played, they were just playing a way I see a lot of pubs play to try and survive after you’ve pretty much annihilated them. Because with 2 strikes on everyone, just one good combo from Goliath when they’re all bunched up at the relay will win the game for you. @xTr1ckOrTr3atx had some good advice, take that into consideration.


I understand you man. It’s annoying and cheesy AF. Since I main behemoth this is what I do. Oh you like to sit across the map and shoot me off the relay then cloak when I come to get you hank? Oh GG good strategy man pretty legit, just let me put up le rock wall and block all your shots while I attack the relay then hide till its off cool down and do it over and over till I obliterate the relay. This either forces them to come fight and die, and lose. Or sit there and do the same shit while I destroy the relay behind my wall and still lose. :blush:

@Killeverydunebeetle as above. at 2 strikes, one 3 star rock or leap is a kill. That tips the balance in the monster’s favour.

Played a few games of arena today, and came up against a premade. They used defensible areas and set up bucket sentries and spores, with traps to keep me locked down. When I took out the medic, they hunkered down and bucket juked around, forcing a draw. Didn’t like it but that happens. They’re in it to win, and not to throw games.

Couple of games in, I broke through their defenses, taking straight rounds and consequtive games. That felt great, knowing that I was able to overcome their defenses by adjusting my tactics, paying careful attention to damage taken, baiting them, etc. You have more fun defeating a tough opponent, than defeating weak opponents continually. If they overcome a sure-loss to win, then yeah, it’s gonna be a great feeling for them. I might be a bit disappointed, but if it was a good game, I’ll call it that and GG them. If the team does all they can to get a win, then they’re not quitting. They’re re-evaluating the situation and coming up with a strategy. That’s what you would expect hunters to do. Not just sit around waiting for their inevitable demise. I’m not sure what you suggest would have been more fun. Can you please explain that for me?

[Posted as both, a hunter and monster player.]

a monster should never win by a relay fight, if he’s any good he will win by killing the hunters. And hunters are not OP, the kraken is OP!

Hunters are not OP? What game are you playing o.O Most people agree, monsters in general are in need of some buffs.

Tactics that work are Legit unless they involve exploits

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Look at my analogy above. Would you enjoy watching or playing basketball if the winning team could run out the clock by passing back and forth? The same thing goes for being shot from 100+ meters bacl and forth for 5+ minutes.

Aviary is one map where the relay fight favors the hunters heavily. However, thats ok because the rest of the map favors the monster heavily. Tunnels, caves, waters with tyrants, plants that blend in to terrain, areas where hunters dont have easy LOS, etc. Thats one map where you NEED to finish the game stage 2 if possible because the pillar kiting and huge LOS space at the relay is the hunters main advantage on that map,

How many times have hunters come out the tunnel only to be insantly leap smashed or lava bombed because they have no field of view yet? Monsters camping said tunnels and catching dumb enough players that choose to enter? Domes on said tunnels giving loops to infinitely mitigate dmg?

This is coming from someone that plays both, but favors monster play most. Aviary is one map where you dont want to relay fight, but thats ok, rest of map is in your favor. Its just like broken hill mine or foundry…those are maps you typically want to avoid as a monster.

So yeah tl,dr: They didnt cheese you, they played to the maps one true hunter advantage. Aviary is mainly monster favored to close games out before relay.


explain to me what is not legit about using the game mechanics exactly as intended


Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Devs didn’t really expect monsters to be getting wins with relays, it was just an objective to give the whole hunt a flow. [taken from the latest stream on murder pits and balance by (I believe it was) Macman]. The whole idea was for monsters to win by killing all of the hunters. So go out and kill. Everytime someone shoots you off, track them down. You have sniff and a general direction. Get those traversals and LS out, take them down. They’re all at 2 strikes.

Just because you got them all to two strikes after who knows how many engagements, you think you should be handed to win for making it to the relay? If they’re still fighting for it, then I see no reason they shouldn’t still be able to win.

Btw, the issue here is with one map. Aviary. Other maps have been fixed for these kinds of things. There may still be one or two maps that also need adjusting, but the majority of them are fine now. As I said before, smell range out help a ton in this situation.


I like how you keep on saying people want to be handed wins. Winning and losing are not synonymous with fun. I could win or lose to a team that drags the game out 10 minutes in this fashion, but I would still feel the same way at the end of the match: bored and frustrated. Sorry you play to win, but i play for fun.

Basketball had a similar strategy before the shot clock was introduced. Part of the reason the shot clock was introduced was to create faster games and get rid of this strategy. The point of the analogy is that a good strategy can actually make the game more boring.

This is why you send in the assault first.

well the game is based around hide and seek. so technically once u destroy them its your turn to play hide and seek and the monster is now it.

nevertherless i still think its lame. i had domination matches turn into 1 hp remaining barely won just because they kept fleeing.

Hate to break it to you but it actually usually is pretty fun. That said, I’d rather the monster be having fun too, but that’s a game design problem more than anything else.

The only real parallel experience for hunters is when Behemoth just rolls up to the relay and uses rock wall to break it rather than ever bothering to try and engage. With no Cabot or Lennox on the team it’s pretty much GG, and feels like a bunch of boring BS for the hunters. I don’t begrudge them the win though, and similarly I’m not going throw a game if I still think we can pull it out.

The line between “using” game mechanics and “abusing” them can be thin, but frankly the strategy being discussed seems pretty much intended given the mechanics at play.

Really? I guess we’re just the cool-headed kind that assesses the situation and determine our best course of action to acheive victory.

I’ve never felt bad about telling my party, “We need to run down the clock”. If the monster is good, he can still overcome that. Running down the clock just means everyone needs to play defensive and (whilst doing damage) not take excessive risks that will lead to them taking unnecessary damage. It means retreating early if need be to buy time. It’s fine if it doesn’t fit your playstyle, but it’s a legit tactic to use, and you can’t fault people for using it.

If it’s something you can’t deal with, kill the hunters early. End it at stage 2. Wait until you have enough strikes, once most of them are on the drop ship, evolve.