When you just finished grinding that one character


it feels good, pretty good, personnally it makes me free to play other stuff you know, feels nice to be free of it, of those damn tongue grabs but man it feels gooooood


Yass. And then when you come back to it in a public game and play the elite for the first time…Glorious.


personnally i play first on a solo game for easy and beast mode, like casual casual play


I like it to be a challenge. :stuck_out_tongue: Although that sounds fun too.


Have you finished kraken yet :kraken_stare:


No. I’m finishing off Maggie and Hank.


one day maybe butu i play goliath and behemoth more, but since i finished grinding i ll play more things now ^^


So I added a bunch of people cuz I got fed up with PuGs, and when I was grinding for Elites everybody kept inviting me to games when I was working on 3rd stars… then I finished all characters and haven’t even seen any of those ppl online since.


all characters ??? shit


Including Monsters. And I only played… 400+ hours.


i played 370hrs, and well i don t think i ll try to grind other characters for the moment, especially hunters


The only one I got happy about getting, was Maggie. I spent forever trying to get Daisy to revive people. -.-
The other elites I’ve had, I got passively from playing. So I wasn’t too amazed at it. O.o


i only grind the hunters and monsters i like the most, so i only have goliath, hyde and behemoth elite skins for the moment, i think i m pretty close for kraken and wraith


Got every hunter but sunny shes at two dtars and halfway to three. Got Behemoth and Wraith close on Goli and Kraken like 380+hrs lolol


Every Monster was an accomplishment - they all have one ability that takes forever. Lazarus 3rd star was a grind, Sunny was a grind, Slim was just a huge pain. There were a few other individual abilities that I was happy to be done with.


I got Slim while playing as Griffin. :joy:


Was like YEEEAAAAAAAA ELITE WHITE KRAKEN IN THIS BIATCH then I question myself why I brought the savage skin when I gonna sideline it to show off l33t kraken q_q


The only issue is that I feel wrong playing Griffin or Abe now, because I still need to elite Maggie and Crow. It feels like I’m wasting potential EXP when I play as either of them T-T


That’s the worst feeling. Playing Cabot makes me feel bad because I could be finishing Hank.


That can be missunderstood in so many ways :no_mouth: