When you don't get to pick a perk what does the game pick for you?

  • Sometimes we join the lobby in late and didn’t get to pick
  • Sometimes we join in mid game.

I noticed that Torvald bots always pick Capacity and Maggies MS, is it different for every character?


I always thought every bot runs with Capacity. Don’t think they ever got around to randomizing the perks.


Pretty sure Torvald bots never take Capacity. It always pains me to take one over. I swear it’s different for each bot. Maggie seems like she takes MS. I think Val takes Capacity though. Again, these are just my personal observations. No idea if I’m correct or not though.


I’m sure it’s bot random. For some reason bot Laz takes Quick Switch. I remember that. Crow takes reload. Markov takes reload too I think.
It’s sort of hard to remember because of how infrequent it is.


i think @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath might know the official answer (probably random)

however, i think they should consider changing it to where it chooses a popular perk rather than any perk. like Laz usually has reload, movement, damage reduction, jetpack recharge. So instead of a bot randomly choosing jump height, damage increase, or even quick switch, it would randomly pick one of the “popular perks” instead


if I remember, Torvald picks reload. Laz almost always runs QS or reload. Make usually picks the same as laz. Val picks cap. Markov is reload. Crow either runs QS or reload


Caira either chooses reload or damage resistance, it kills me :weary:


At least she didn’t pick damage increase.


It would nice if the Bot choose meaningful perk. Even better would be that we pick ourselves once joined, or the very least we should be told which perk is chosen.


If you join midgame to a bot that had a player you will have their perk.

I’ve come in frequently with health regen.


It’s random.
Would be helpful is your perk were visible in the minimap tab instead of having to play a round of Blue’s Clues to figure out exactly what you’re playing with.


I’ve had bots in matches with me that had the health regen perk. It seems to be one of the most popular choices by bots.