When you are having trouble with headshot Masteries try playing against a Kraken


The Kraken’s head hitbox makes up almost 40 percent of its body surface area while in the air.
Easily did Val and Laz’s Mastery with three to five games.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Yeah, it’s head is pretty freakin huge. I think it’s to make up for how hard it is to hit in the air in the first place.


Hes really easy to hit headshots when Kraken uses lighting strike or afterschock


Yup, Kraken isn’t quik by moving and doesn’t throw his head around all the time.also even his tentacles are counted as head. Goliath is swinging from side to side by walkimg wich makes it harder to hit. Headshots to a kraken are nothing


Wraiths head is also pretty big but the only timyou can hit that is when she’s using supernova on you.


Considering how slow he is, when is he ever hard to hit in the air except when inevitably caught during stage 1 when he’s smaller?


A lot of characters don’t have all that accurate long-range weaponry, particularly the Assaults ( with the exception of markov’s assault rifle ), and they’re the ones you want hitting the target.


Kraken has a maximum flight height of 3 stories off the ground directly beneath him, who said anything about ‘long distance’? It can’t be height distance because of that cap and it can’t be lateral distance because of the sheer slowness. No, the ones you want hitting the Kraken are the trappers and Val: where Goliath and Wraith are slowed by harpoons, stasis grenades and tranq, Kraken is uniquely immobilised. Being in the air means it’s almost never going to break a tether by line of sight denial and also the ability to melee a harpoon in your back is disabled in the air(but can be done on the ground) meaning the Kraken has to almost directly face the poons origin and attack. Tranq and stasis slow/stop all lateral movement excluding traversals, but because Kraken’s traversal is not the flight but the air boost which uses TWO pips on the second one if you chain them together, unlike the Wraith who can have 3 warps and a warp blast worth of fast distance coverage.

Kraken is my fave monster, but on my 5-day quest for elite(completed last night) I’ve discovered that there is already a set-in-stone meta for beating it way more than half the time.


Yups the Kraken is very underwhelming as of now, I would’ve liked to see ease of use being swap between him and Wraith.