When would you Charge Crow's Armor Ignoring Gun?


I was wondering, in regular Hunt, when would you charge it. Isn’t the goal to help the assault get rid of armor so you can do health damage? After the armor, its useless, might as well never use it…

FYI this is for Hunt only, I understand Defend and Arena, etc.


When you catch it evolving is a good time. Multiplied health damage FTW. Normally, though, I don’t shoot while chasing it. Always on Stasis so I can keep up.

Also, it’s not useless to charge shots once armor is gone. Spam firing is less effective than a charged shot, so it’s still a good thing to do.

Note: It’s just as powerful to shoot uncharged shots, but you run the risk of missing some damage if you do, while a charged shot is more accurate and it’s powerful enough to make up for the time you weren’t firing. Hence, less effective than charged.

That’s my opinion, anyway. @Crowdalra is the only resident Crow main I can think of.


I’ve found it’s more effective to help the assault remove armour when the Monster has more health. Once the Monster’s health is low, then you should start charging shots.


does charge shots do more???


Damage? Yes, but rapid firing gives you a higher amount of DPS.


ah ok
gotcha, just sacrificing accuracy?[quote=“Plaff, post:5, topic:82681”]
but rapid firing


Charged shots on the chase if at a longish range. Close range use stasis. In combat, rapid shots to remove armour, or charged shots if monster is mitigating too much.

Crow is more of an end-game Trapper. You use him to win at relay fights by putting a lot more pressure on the monster after overcomitting.


It’s not that black and white.

Early on you’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not the Assault is able to chew through the Monster’s armor and if the Monster is willing to fight or not.

If the Monster is able to leave every dome with still some armor left then keep using charged shots.
If it turns out the Assault is doing just fine delivering health damage then by all means help him get rid of the armor faster in the next dome.


ALWAYS use the normal/rapid firing UNLESS you believe you will NOT break armor.

This can be due to the monster mitigating too hard

This can be due to the monster coming in while the dome is on cooldown, intending to leave once his armor gets low.

This can be because the monster has almost NO health, and only needs a few charged shots- meaning youll kill it faster with charged shots vs the time to break its armor.

WHATEVER the case may be, if you believe youll break the armor- Do NOT fire charged shots. You dramatically lower your dps.


Every trapper should be multi-tasking, your primary objectives in combat:

  1. Control, attempt to reduce the ability of the monster to effectively handle the hunters

  2. Mitigate damage to yourself.

  3. Deal damage to the monster.

With regards to Crow.

Attempt to deal damage with the charge shot when the assault is incapable of dealing damage to the monster. (Range/incap) Otherwise you should be CC’ing or rapid firing.


I don’t understand the issue. Charged shots are meant for ignoring armor in situations when armor can’t be broken fast enough (before monster escapes or kills everyone). For all other cases, including when monster has no armor, just use rapid fire.

So his gun is actually multi purpose and very flexible already, that’s the way it’s meant to be used. Where is the problem?

PS: Apparently some people think that charged shots do more DPS than rapid fire and still using charged shots even when armor is broken. This is wrong, rapid shots will do much higher DPS.


Never charge the rifle unless the monster armor full and health less than 1 bar.

You could deal great damage with fast shot mode while staying in a safe area.


The few times I go as trapper in Hunt and have Crow I get full health damage all the time.
Especially at stage 1 (in all stages anyways) each and every scratch to health is precious to my eyes, armor will go down sooner or later and then I switch to quickfire.


Assault can do more damage than you, and so can Support. Also monsters generally don’t care much about Crow’s chip early on, and will remain aggressive. Faster you remove the armour the faster they will shift from offense to defence. Crow has great DPS to aid assault, especially Markov who has to split time placing mines.

Charged shots take time to charge and slow you down. If the monster leaves LoS or you miss, that’s a lot of potential damage missed over the course of a dome.


It depends on play style. If you want to be aggressive, charge all the time and aim for the head. It only takes five shots to get rid of a health bar and at stage one that’s huge. Stage two, not so much. That’s when you focus on CC, keeping the team alive because you know have a foe that can actually do good damage. When he’s running however, try to do some chip damage but keep the stasis by your side at all times. That’s what really matters on the chase. When it comes to stage three it depends on your team’s health, as long with the Monster’s. If you don’t have any or very few strikes, do health damage and try to end the fight. I’d only do straight health damage if the Monster has less than 4 bars of health. If you have a bunch of strikes, but the Monster is almost dead, aim for head.


ok, so say the monster is leaving the dome with some armor, why would you shoot? Wouldn’t the monster stamina recharge a whole lot quicker, making it evolve faster and be able to armor up quicker?


That’s why you have the stasis at the ready. Use Gobi to keep track and do small damage. He might be able to move faster, but he won’t get away.


ok, if you stasis a monster, does the monster stamina still recharge faster?


I had a beautiful match where the stage 3 behemoth kept running to eat, it couldnt get the relay but we couldnt kill it and we had a few strikes so we couldnt risk chasing, so after a horribly long match I (Crow) managed to kill the monster while he still had a nearly full armor bar and 2 of our members were dead. That was satisfying.


It does, but this allows you gain some distance and do damage. I wouldn’t always say do chip damage, but do it when you have long LoS.