When will we get other variations of the monsters or new material?


I am just curious about getting new material for evolve since it’s kinda starting to get old. I would like to see variations for the Wraith, Behemoth, and Gorgon. Or a new monster all together. Something more like a snake or pure reptilian like? New maps or solo and online play would be nice. I would also like to see a black widow skin for the gorgon. Something jet black with the red hour glass on its tail would be awesome. Just some ideas for you guys at 2k. Anyone else have thoughts?


They just released Elder Kraken and Wraith is going to be the next one.


They’ve stated around here on the forums that they will be releasing adaptions for T2 and T3 characters. Like stated above, they just released Elder Kraken not too long ago.

Next up will be the following

  • Laz
  • Bucket
  • Griffin
  • Hyde

Then on to T3

  • Wraith
  • Caira
  • Cabot
  • Abe
  • Parnell

We just aren’t sure about the timeline exactly. New character have to be included in a Title Update for a game, so nothing until “summer,” which is when we know TU9 will be released.

This is also not the order (that I know of) of the characters being released; we could get them one at a time like regular or they could bundle them up together.

They haven’t mentioned anything about T4 adaptations, but if they did I would think they’d be free only for those who already bought the character(s) that the adaptation is for. Same for Behemoth. Again, this part is not confirmed but just what I would speculate IF they decide to make them.


It’s gonna be a long way down the line. Probably no new content until after the Title Update this summer.


Isn’t there a black widow skin for Gorgon? I thought I had seen it on a stream or something but it isn’t released to the public.

There also has been no news or hints about new maps at all. Personally, I would rather they fix the current maps first before making new ones, but that’s just me.

  • Monsters come out first, Hunter order is unknown.

  • The adaptions will be trickled out, not bundled together.

This is all we know about it’s order.


To be more detailed of who’s coming out next

C. Bucket
E. Griffin

as it seems they are working on them more

Q. Caira
?. Hyde

But hey that’s my idea
oh and then: Wraith


im pretty sure the hunter order is assault medic support trapper


Nothing confirmed but there is speculation.


thats how it was for t1 though


Actually it was RV, BM, TSH, WM.


Laz is the tier 2 med…


Pretty sure that they will release the whole T2 with the TU9 and then in december or feb17 (2 years evolve) t3 (that will also be the last update I’m pretty sure).

But tbh I’m not sure if T3 is even a thing. Next 3 months without updates, new content and stuff like that…
I don’t think we will see a lot of players…

But maybe TU9 is a real “deal” and we will switch to f2p or something like that…


T3 adaptations were indeed confirmed by the devs.


I know. I just mean: if no one will play anymore, there is no need for it.


False. It’s more than likely going to be Lazarus next. Then Hyde. Then Bucket. Then Griffin.


I hear talk of Q Caira, but never saw the actual post about it?


None of that is confirmed. Only the first letters are confirmed.


@RickSanchez In case you still haven’t seen it, the speculation comes from this post:

Or they’re working on Bucket and Griffin now because Caira and Hyde are mostly ready to go! :stuck_out_tongue:


It was said in the “Something Talk something Micropatch” thread

Just speculation :wink: