When will we get a full bucket team?


Since his core is inside the ship and he can go into different chassis so why not have a medic bucket an assault bucket and a trapper bucket because fucket. (this entire post was made so i could do that pun) :smiley:


If this is the case, then I do not believe this is meant to be in the Suggestion category.


but yeah the different class buckets i do want


yes i have been wanting this since t4


It’ll never happen, hopefully.


why do you hate bucket


I never said that.


why do you hate the idea of it


Because it’s silly. Not as silly as adaptations playing with their predecessors, as Bucket IS a robot, but it’s still silly.


It would make sense just to send millions of robots to fight the monsters


No it wouldn’t.


I’m all in for it. I love Bucket and his damn accent. More Bucket is never a bad thing.

On a side-and-related note, I would love to see more drones/mechas/robots as characters. I’m not a particular sucker for robots, but I love the way they’re curious about the world and human emotions and the potential possibilities the devs would have to write new personalities and characters.


Because sending in mass-produced combat drones wouldn’t make sense in a sci-fi universe set in the future.


At least 3 buckets so one human hunter can command them


Because sending in sentient entities forced into the bodies of construction drones infinitely wouldn’t make sense in any universe set at any time period. ESPECIALLY since NO ONE knows what’s happening on the planet, and someone MIGHT question why the government is spending billions of credits to mass produce millions of sentient combat robots capable of rational thought, and then sending them to the furthest reaches of human society.

Saying that it’d make sense because “scifi” isn’t helping your case here, bro.


A medic bucket would make sense. An assault bucket would make sense. A trapper bucket MIGHT work but not as much as the others.


Well, truth be told, it’s either gonna be C-Bucket or the new Cabot adaptation that’s gonna be our next trapper.

My moneys on Cabot, but anything is possible I guess.


C bucket?
i haven’t been on these forums for long so if it was made here idk what it means


I really hope he’s an assault Bucket, Trapper is my least favorite class :stuck_out_tongue:


The new Bucket adaptations shortened name is C Bucket. We don’t know what the C stands for yet.

There’s also H Hyde.