When will there be "Big-Time" Tournaments for PS4 users?


As obvious as you can tell I own a PS4, yet I know of how much the community has been trying to make there own tournaments Big and Known yet whenever we start having our thing going…it gives up. I’m not mad at ESL or anything like that but I’m sick and tired to see that every XBox One console owners seem to get the best chances to show there stuff in Evolve. I’ve got game and to be honest I want to be in a tournament so I can not only show my skills but to try and win something in my life that I would’ve really enjoyed participating. Don’t take this the wrong way cause I’m mostly curious as to why there haven’t been any other sites (unlike dgl and slightly gamebattles) keeping updated with a tournament for Evolve.

Note: I’ll be honest again and will say that even I wouldn’t mind going at a chance for cash prizes or anything else a tourney has to offer. (mostly if I’m having fun with it I’m good; shoot I’ve even gotten friends by just being in the tourney’s the facebook community tries to offer, and now whnever we play its usually a blast of fun stupidity or awesome matches that I save on my Youtube channel)