When will the Wraith be nerfed already? (not a hate thread)


I just want that nerf so I can play the Wraith again, everytime I play with it, it’s always complaints “wraith noob”, “stupid wraith player” even if I am not using dumb exploits such as using warp blast to get out of the dome as I only use it in stage 3 or Skywraithing, I even sometimes fight at Stage 2. I am just using the wraith like it was designed and I can do very well with any monsters as well.

Just get it nerfed as soon as possible…


Dont worry, its right around the corner (assuming testing goes well, and i have faith it will)
Just hang in there


jesus I cannot wait


Apart from the fact that Wraith is more boring than OP, i can´t wait for the ranked mode. So yeah, cant wait!

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the only change wraith needs at this point is a REAL cooldown on decoy and lower armor at stage 1 and 2

and a tiny hitbox reduction on warp blast
Its not overpowered in damage or anything like that
its just so fast
and avoiding health damage is so easy
that hunting it isen’t fun
Sitting at the relay then beating it in a stage 3 fight shoulden’t be a viable strategy against any monster
but apperently it as against wraith.


She doesn’t need lower health or armor, it’s already really low, she needs some abilities & her traversal toned down - which is what’s happening. The proposed changes have pissed off all the mediocre players who abuse using only Wraith, which is probably a good sign.


indeed…I am loving the changes as it doesn’t change my style of gameplay AT ALL

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